The Best Premises Liability Lawyer Phoenix

Premises Liability Lawyer PhoenixWhen a person becomes injured in a business or home, the medical bills can be debilitating. When you visit a business or home, you have a reasonable expectation of safety, and when you’re injured, the owner of that property may be responsible. These injuries can include slipping on a wet floor that wasn’t marked as such, being exposed to hazardous materials, or tripping over uneven flooring. If you’ve suffered an injury and feel you may have a case against the property owner, reach out to Torgenson Law immediately to determine the best plan of action. You need and deserve a personal injury lawyer who will fight on your behalf to make sure you receive adequate compensation. If you aren’t sure what steps to take when an injury has occurred, call Torgenson Law to receive a case analysis at no charge.

We are a Phoenix-based team of personal injury lawyers dedicated to providing the community with the honest and tough trial representation they deserve. We work to fight for good people who have been wrongly injured at no fault of their own, and who risk being taken advantage of by large insurance companies and corporations. With a premises liability case, proof is a large part of the equation. We’ll first work with the client to obtain medical records and proof that the slip occurred on the property. This could include surveillance video, photos taken by the victim, and witness accounts. Even when physical evidence is limited, we can work with the victim to develop as strong a case as possible.

When you need a team of Phoenix personal injury lawyers that you can trust, make a stop at the offices of Torgenson Law to meet with us. We make sure to be respectful of your time and will offer a case analysis at no charge at the first meeting. We are committed to defending good people who have been wrongly injured, and we want to make sure we can help each client receive the full and fair compensation they deserve. We won’t let anyone be manipulated by greedy insurance companies and billion dollar corporations.