Happy Thanksgiving From The Torgenson Law Family

November 21, 2018
  Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As Thanksgiving approaches we would like to take this moment to thank each of you! As always, we want to wish you a joyful, safe, and relaxing weekend with friends and family. Like most holidays we will have the arrival of...
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Was Tesla’s Autopilot Vehicle Ready for the Road?

November 8, 2018
Questionable Marketing and Technological Malfunctions Lead to Personal Injuries   In early October of this year, a man from Florida made a trip to his local Tesla dealership to ask the specifics on how to operate his Model S’s autopilot feature. Tesla sales representatives told...
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Arizona is the Third Deadliest State for Pedestrians

October 25, 2018
The growing number of pedestrians being struck and killed by drivers has lead Arizona to become one of the deadliest states for pedestrians. Since 2013, the rate of pedestrian deaths has steadily climbed year after year; in 2013 there were 151 deaths; 155 in 2014;...
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GET OUT & VOTE: Interesting Facts & Info about the Upcoming Mid-Term Elections

October 19, 2018
It is that time of the year folks: Election Season. The Mid-Term Elections are quickly approaching, and Torgenson Law wants to remind all eligible voters to let their voices be heard during the upcoming elections. Past generations gave their lives to secure freedom and democracy...
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Injured at a Concert or Music Festival? What are Your Rights?

September 27, 2018
As environments filled with music, friends, drinks, and good energy, concert venues are thought of as places of entertainment and pure fun. However, there are, unfortunately, many factors that could contribute to creating unsafe conditions in concert venues for their attendees. In fact, many personal...
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