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Arizona Injury Corner: The Four Questions You Must Ask To Protect Your Family

July 28, 2015
As Arizona personal injury lawyers, we always strive to inform the public about meaningful matters that can keep their families safe and protected.  As part of our commitment, our Torg Blog Arizona Personal Injury Corner reviews significant injury stories from the past week to increase...
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Summertime Driving Safety: Seasonal Tips, Tricks and Monsoon/Haboob Risks

July 24, 2015
Arizona residents likely equate summer to three distinct things: scorching heat, monsoons and haboobs.  For those who are new to Arizona, a haboob is a large wall of dust generated by the winds from a thunderstorm.  It’s not a typical “dust devil” - the dust...
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The Ten Most Dangerous Intersections in Metro Phoenix

July 22, 2015
The 2014 numbers are in and they are scary, even for a personal injury attorney.  I hope that everyone who reads this list will drive a little more carefully and hopefully put our information in your phone as “Phoenix Injury Attorney” or something else easy...
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6 Safety Tips for Truck Drivers And Motorists

My Grandpa John (pretty cool name, I know) was a trucker, semi-truck driver, tractor-trailer driver.  I have his plaque of driving excellence from North American Van Lines on my home office wall.  That is a driving force of why I have immersed myself in representing...
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Top Five Lawyer Jokes about Arizona Injury Lawyers

July 17, 2015
1.     Q:  What is wrong with personal injury lawyer jokes?  A:  Lawyers don’t think they’re funny and other people don’t think they’re jokes. 2.     Q:  How many Phoenix personal injury attorneys does it take to change a light bulb?  A:  Three.  One to turn the...
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