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You Won’t Believe These Horrifying Texting While Driving Facts

June 4, 2015
Another senseless death last night here in Phoenix.  A 23-year-old-driver hit and killed a woman who was walking in the bike lane with her partner (he was missed by inches) near Norterra and North Valley Parkways in North Phoenix. Man, this stuff makes me so sad...
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3 Vital Lessons From The Last Week That Will Help To Keep You Healthy And Safe This Summer

June 2, 2015
As Arizona Personal Injury Lawyers, one of our missions is to keep Arizona citizens and visitors to our state safe. As part of our commitment, our Torgenson Blog Arizona Injury Corner will review 3 of the most significant injury stories from the past week to...
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How Does Being A Loyal Customer Cost You On Your Car Insurance?!

April 17, 2015
Insurance companies are actively exploiting your customer loyalty to charge you more money on your car insurance rates. Yep.  It is happening.  "Price-optimization" is what the term that the pro-insurance-industry-think-tank generated to fool you into thinking it is a good, optimal thing.  What it really means is that insurance companies are buying...
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