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Lyft is a ride-sharing service, inadvertently designed to replace taxicab services in all corners of the country, spreading internationally. We’ve all had a bad cab experience, but they’re always there, generally regardless of the hour. More than that, when there’s an incident involving a cab, a settlement is formed. Good luck if you’re injured in a Lyft accident in Phoenix; you’re not entitled to the same compensation.

With shifty insurance policies and a history for improperly screening their employees, the whole Lyft experience has been nothing shy of a bad business venture. While competitors like Uber don’t exactly come in at a higher ranking on the totem pole, their track record in Arizona suggests that you’re more likely to be injured in a Lyft accident in Phoenix than one with their own company.

How Does Lyft Handle Their Accidents?

Much of the time, Lyft isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you talk about profound services. It’s for a number of reasons, including their process for hiring. When you apply for a job with Lyft, they’ll inquire about the state of your vehicle, your driving record, and even a criminal background check. You know, most of the time.

Lyft hasn’t hit as many roadblocks as Uber, but both have been rightfully accused of hiring criminals to work for their company. With a screening process so lax and fluid, do you really have the ability to feel one-hundred percent safe behind the seat of your Lyft driver?

The service offers ride-sharing, certainly, but for drivers, it offers the opportunity to turn your free time and car into your own business. This is through the fact that you’re a private contractor, and not necessarily an employee of Lyft or its affiliates. When it comes to their insurance policies and how they operate, they make this fact extremely apparent. But the real question is: are they attracting entrepreneurs or those who want a lazy job?

Taxicab drivers have set scheduling and weekly pay; that makes it a day job. For these private contractors, you get out of it what you put into it, so for the better part of your Lyft experience, you’re getting an inexperienced newcomer who doesn’t really know what they’re doing yet, other than the fact that they can drive. You might not get the professionalism that you’re paying for when you use any ride-sharing service.


Those applying to Lyft and Uber in Phoenix are reporting waitlists to work, due to the large capacity of applications they constantly get. While the thought of getting picked up when you need it no matter where you are is appealing, what do you expect is going to happen to Phoenix?

Shortly, the city will be overrun with free contract drivers flooding the streets like yellow cabs of New York. Accidents are bound to rise as traffic increases, but so does pollution, wait times between destinations, and a whole mess of other things. Phoenix got along just fine before these ride-sharing services sprouted up like weeds, and would do just fine if these services ceased to exist in the Phoenix area.

Safety In All Senses

Being injured in a Lyft accident in Phoenix isn’t exclusive to a bodily injury incurred by a collision, whether inside or outside of the vehicle. There are a thousand different ways to define an incident, spanning some less than desirable occurrences to the general, meager complaints. When you step into a ride-sharing services’ driver vehicle, you shouldn’t have that little voice inside telling you anything is amiss. You’re paying for the opposite; safe travel, and you should feel safe being there.

Reviews That Say It All

Looking on absolutely any review website, such as Yelp, you will find mixed things to be said about Lyft. More than just opinions, you’ll find traumatic experiences by users who have claimed sexual harassment, theft, and fraud.

Back in June of 2015, Uber was hit with bad press in this specific field. Claims came from a woman who was threatened with sexual assault and cornered into the car unless she complied. While no arrests were made, it gave way for competitors to capitalize on the incident and promote their own brands.

Reports come in daily on the news, and across the web, all delivering one verdict: ride-sharing companies are difficult to trust. It’s an issue of personal and public safety, whether you’re injured in a Lyft accident in Phoenix, or anywhere else in the country, there is unanimity with what customers are saying: you need to be careful when trusting to use these services, and as a result, attempt not to overuse them compared to other conventional means of transportation (local bus, train, taxicab services, etc.)

When you combine all the different factors between inexperience and the lack of proper car care due to insufficient pay and private-owned vehicles, it may be wise to seek out other means of transportation. If you’re ever injured in a Lyft incident in Phoenix, seek out legal advice. Experienced personal injury lawyers know how to deal with these instances to get you a full return on the compensation you deserve.

If you’ve been drinking on a Friday night, it goes without the shadow of a doubt that a ride-sharing service, whether a city taxicab or Lyft, are both better options than risking injuring yourself or another by taking your own vehicle. While these services, thus far, are here to stay, use them when you need and use them effectively to minimize your chance of being involved in an injury in a Lyft accident in Phoenix.

In the unfortunate case that you find yourself injured in a Lyft accident in Phoenix, call the personal injury lawyers at Torgenson Law immediately before speaking to any insurance companies or representatives from Lyft. We will make sure you are not taken advantage of throughout the insurance claim process and help you get the maximum amount of financial compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained.