Greg Gunawan

Marketing And Intake Specialist

Greg Gunawan is a marketing and intake specialist at Torgenson Law.

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and raised in Orange County, CA. Greg’s family moved from Jakarta, Indonesia to California, in pursuit of a subtle lifestyle for the family. Graduating from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor’s in International Business and Marketing degree in 2018. Upon graduating, Greg ventured off into the marketing world; within 5 years in the marketing field, Greg enhanced his knowledge in the digital marketing sector.

As Torgenson Law’s marketing and intake specialist, Greg is in pursuit to gain case generation and most importantly client retention. Greg is very fortunate to be part of Torgenson’s Law Team and looks forward to seeing Torgenson Law expand!

Greg is a Sneaker enthusiast and has many pairs of shoes ranging from Jordan’s, Yeezy, Off-Whites, and many more!