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Camilla Moreno

Legal Assistant
coming soon female
Camilla was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and was raised in Miami, FL. Recently graduated from Arizona State University with a Political Science, B.S and will be starting her first semester of law school in the Fall of 2021. She began her role as a personal legal assistant at Torgenson Law, in November 2018. At the time, she was completing her third year at Arizona State University. With a passion for law and interest in pursuing a law degree, she was eager to gain firsthand experience working in the field.
In her role at the Firm, Camilla is responsible for being a helping hand to other members of our team, helping complete projects and assignments. Also, she has taken management of the Firm’s social media. Instagram and Facebook have become great tools in connecting to our clients, potential clients, and community.

Camilla loves to spend time with her family, driving down to the beach, and staying active. She loves working at Torgenson Law and all the experience and knowledge she has received while working at the Firm.