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Karina Hernandez

Case Manager

Karina Hernandez is a Case Manager at Torgenson Law.

Karina, a Phoenix, AZ native, is a proud graduate of Arizona State University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Law, complemented by a Certificate in Data Analytics. During her freshman year of college, Karina personally encountered a car accident that left her feeling overwhelmed, juggling her claim and her academic responsibilities. Having the support of an attorney played a pivotal role in helping Karina navigate this challenging period with confidence. This firsthand experience provided her with invaluable insight into the legal process, allowing her to empathize with clients both as one who has been in their shoes and as a dedicated case manager.

Drawing from her own journey, Karina leverages her unique experience to put clients at ease and guide them through the complexities of their claims. She engages with clients who speak both English and Spanish, a testament to her dedication to serving a diverse clientele. When she’s not tirelessly advocating for our clients at the law firm, she dedicates her free time to preparing for the LSAT, with the goal of ultimately pursuing her dreams in law school.