Car Accident Lawyers Phoenix

Lots of people opt to employ an accident lawyer after they have been engaged in an automobile crash which leads to monetary losses and personal injury. Basically, you are able to file an personal injury claim against an insurance company by yourself. Nevertheless, an accident attorney, specifically a personal injury lawyer, can enable you to go up against huge car insurance companies and their staff of lawyers. Our car accident lawyers in Phoenix already understand the personal injury laws and procedural rules and can professionally tackle all of the legal work for you. Torgenson Law is going to act as your advocate throughout the entire situation and provide the most outstanding legal counsel for the best results.

The personal injury experts at Torgenson Law are considered the number one rated car accident lawyers in Phoenix, and throughout the entire area. For over the last several years, we have successfully been representing good people, such as yourself, who have become hurt in auto accidents through no fault of their own. It is our firm’s main objective to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries, property damage and any loss of income that you may have received. We also want to collect funds for any medical bills that you may have incurred, such as emergency room costs, medical tests and procedures, and follow up care that may include physical therapy.

Arizona is actually a comparative fault state, and what this means is that the person who is actually at fault for the Arizona auto accident is fully accountable for having to pay for damages which result from it. This is excellent news in case you’re hit or even injured by another person, because you have the legitimate right to be made whole again, but for the accident. Liability for an automobile accident is based on who was the root cause of the accident. Comparative fault is utilized in Arizona, meaning that fault could be divided to totally different individuals. The way in which you recover damages for your car accident injuries varies depending on the situation.

Put simply, if you’re in an auto accident and the other the other party was sixty percent responsible, you are able to still sue for your damages however, your recovery will go down by the forty percent of responsibility which is yours. In case you’re hurt seriously, in case a death results, or even if the insurance company doesn’t provide you with everything you think is a fair settlement, you’re entitled in Arizona to sue in tort. This means that whatever amount of damages you have incurred in automobile accident injuries, you are able to file a lawsuit and be represented in a court of law.

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Car Accident Lawyers Phoenix