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Phoenix Excavation Injury Attorney

Although excavation is an essential part of construction, it is one of its most dangerous processes. There is an increased chance for accidents, especially when job site supervisors and subcontractors fail to prioritize safety. The resulting injuries can be serious and possibly life-changing, if not fatal. As a construction worker, you’re entitled to know that someone is looking out for your safety. We will make sure you receive the compensation you deserve after an excavation accident. Contact our Phoenix excavation accident lawyers today so we can evaluate your case in a free consultation.

Why Choose Our Excavation Accident Lawyer?

  • Over the past 20 years, we have secured millions in compensation for our clients.
  • We are distinct in our dedication to our clients, ensuring they have direct communication with our Phoenix construction injury attorneys and by taking care of all upfront costs associated with the case.
  • We take a detail-oriented approach to each case, preparing as if we are going to trial, to ensure we obtain the settlement you need and deserve.

Causes of Excavation Accidents

The following are some of the more common causes of injury and death related to excavation and trenching on construction sites:

Collapses / Cave-ins

The trench or sidewall can collapse, or there may be a cave-in, which can bury workers and cause them to suffocate.


Falls into trenches and excavation sites can result in broken bones, internal organ damage, and traumatic brain injuries.

Falling Objects

Objects such as tools, building materials, heavy equipment, or may fall into a trench on top of workers if safety measures aren’t taken.

Toxic fumes and gas leaks

A gas main can break during excavation, and workers may not be able to evacuate in time.


A sudden rainstorm or breaking of a water main can result in drowning or electrocution.


This often occurs due to wires becoming exposed when workers or contractors don’t confirm that they are digging in an area where underground wiring isn’t present.

OSHA Guidelines for Preventing Excavation Accident

OSHA has certain safety rules and regulations in place, designed to protect the public and workers at or near the excavation areas. Employers and site supervisors must:

  • Locate underground utilities before digging.
  • Have a soil study conducted before large and deep trenches and excavations.
  • Inspect trenches and excavations at the beginning of each shift, after rainfall or other exposure to water, and after any occurrence that may have changed the stability (e.g. earthquake).
  • Keep heavy equipment and other weighty items, such as building materials and excavated earth and debris, away from the edges of an excavation or trench.
  • Identify other sources that can affect the stability of a trench or excavation site.
  • Regularly test for toxic gases, hazardous fumes, and low oxygen levels.
  • Prohibit working beneath suspended loads.
  • Install shoring when needed.
  • Ensure all workers wear head protection.
  • Mark or rope off trenches and excavations, and install guardrails around deeper depressions.
  • Provide escape mechanisms, such as ladders and ramps.

When these laws and regulations are not properly followed, it often results in serious injuries. Workers or passersby may suffer catastrophic trauma, possibly to the brain, neck, or spine.

Free Consultation With an Excavation Injury Attorney

Excavation injury claims tend to be complicated because they can involve multiple parties and their insurance companies. To ensure that you get compensation worthy of your losses, schedule a free consultation with a Phoenix injury lawyer today. Reach us online or call (602) 726-0747.