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It is a tragic situation when a child is injured in any type of accident, let alone while at daycare. Sadly, many daycare providers fail to deliver the quality care expected of them, and some are downright dangerous. If your child has been injured because of a daycare facility’s negligence, they can be held liable in a civil court action for any damages. Contact the Phoenix daycare injury lawyers at Torgenson Law to request your free consultation. Reach us online or by phone at (602) 726-0747.

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  • When your child has been injured, you need a personal injury attorney that will fight for you until justice is served.
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Common Causes of Daycare Injuries

Severe injuries can occur at a childcare center for a number of reasons, including:

  • Falls
  • Swallowing and choking incidents
  • Crushed hands or fingers in doors
  • Ingesting poisons
  • Unsafe equipment or activities
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Bathroom accidents
  • Fights and dangerous play
  • Burn accidents
  • Signs of Child Abuse in a Daycare Setting

Some common indications of abuse of a small child, include:

  • New bruises, scratches, or wounds on your child when you pick him or her up at daycare. In cases of abuse, the injuries are often on the wrists, arms, neck, shoulders, or buttocks.
  • Drastic and unexplained changes in behavior. If your child suddenly becomes shy, depressed, or if they flinch at sudden movements, it may be due to mistreatment or neglect at daycare.
  • Recurring nightmares can possibly be caused by traumatic events.
  • Sudden misbehavior or acting out in social situations, or becoming violent and hitting others when upset. These actions could be learned as a result of being abused.

Children in daycare are typically too young to clearly communicate if they are suffering any abuse. It is important for parents to take signs of unexplained injuries, or changes in behavior, very seriously.

When is a Daycare Liable for a Child’s Injury?

In order to hold a daycare provider liable for your child’s injury, you must be able to prove negligence and that the daycare facility failed to exercise due care to prevent foreseeable harm. Due care is the standard of care that a daycare facility is reasonably expected to exercise to prevent injuries from occurring. The level of care applicable is often determined based on the exact circumstances surrounding the accident that led to your child’s injury, compared to how a normal daycare center would have operated. To pursue compensation from the caregiver, the following four elements must be demonstrated:

  • The daycare provider had a duty of care to protect your child from harm.
  • That duty of care was breached, and your child’s injury was foreseeable and preventable.
  • The breach of care was the direct or proximate cause of your child’s injury.
  • The injury sustained resulted in financial losses.

If all of these requirements are met, you may be entitled to receive maximum compensation for your child’s medical bills, ongoing treatment, pain and suffering, lost wages for the time you take off from work, and more.

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There are many Arizona state laws and codes designed to protect children from negligence in licensed daycares. While you focus on your son or daughter’s recovery, our Phoenix daycare negligence attorneys will fight to secure the compensation that your child and family are warranted. Have your case evaluated for free today by a child injury attorney, call (602) 726-0747.