Attempting to Resolve Your Injury Case Alone? It’s Not Too Late To Hire a Lawyer!

September 2, 2021
Here, at Torgenson Law, we constantly preach to our clients and readers that they should contact an attorney anytime they believe they might have an injury claim. However, sometimes, injury victims attempt to handle their claims without legal representation. While there is nothing wrong with...
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What is Vicarious Liability in Arizona?

If you had siblings growing up and your parents asked you to watch over them, then you know something about vicarious liability. Suppose you have a sister that accidentally damaged something in the grocery store when you were supposed to be watching her. Chances are,...
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Proving Fault In A Slip & Fall Accident Claim

September 3, 2020
Slip and fall accidents can lead to severe injuries for victims. Not only do slip and fall accident victims have to deal with significant pain and suffering caused by the injuries, but they will also have to handle incoming medical expenses and possibly lost wages...
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How Is Pain & Suffering Calculated in Arizona?

July 30, 2020
If you or somebody you love has sustained an injury caused by the careless or negligent actions of another person, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. However, some people may be confused about the types of compensation they can recover in these...
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Injured? 3 Indications that You Have a Personal Injury Case

July 29, 2020
After you are injured in an accident and the initial shock wears off, it is only natural to start wondering whether you will be able to recover for the losses you have experienced. While the only way to be certain whether you have a case...
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