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Safety Tips

Severe Consequences Await if You Drive Without Insurance in Arizona

Just like every other state in the country, Arizona law stipulates that individuals must be properly insured to remain legal on the roadway. However, a significant number of drivers in this state operate without insurance. Here, we want to discuss the various consequences of driving...
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Spring Break Safety Tips: Have Fun & Avoid “Breaks”

March 10, 2022
With beautiful weather year-round and only warmer months ahead, Arizona offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for local and visiting thrill-seekers. Spring break season is upon us, and Arizona is an extremely popular destination for vacationers and tourists. As one of the top ten...
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Common Causes of Scaffolding Accidents

November 2, 2021
Any construction site that goes up more than one floor will likely have some sort of scaffolding present. From the outside looking in, and for those not familiar with construction, scaffolding can seem somewhat flimsy. However, scaffolding has to be constructed in certain ways in...
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How to Prevent Accidents at Construction Sites

November 1, 2021
Construction workers face incredible risks every day. Even though these individuals are essential workers in our economy, we often disregard the fact that they operate around dangerous equipment and in sometimes hazardous conditions. It is crucial for all construction companies and employees to take the...
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Know Your Insurance: 4 Things you must know to Protect Your Family

September 29, 2021
Safe driving habits will always be Plan A when it comes to helping you and your family avoid personal injuries. With that said, there is simply no way to guarantee that other drivers will exercise similar judgment when operating their vehicles. As Arizona personal injury...
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