Safety Tips

Spring Break Safety Tips: Avoid Injuries This Spring

March 6, 2020
With beautiful weather year-round and only warmer months ahead, Arizona offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for local and visiting thrill-seekers. Spring break season is upon us, and Arizona is an extremely popular destination for vacationers and tourists. As one of the top ten...
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Be Proactive, Not Reactive: 4 Questions You Must Ask to Protect Your Family

December 12, 2019
Safe driving habits will always be Plan A when it comes to helping you and your family avoid personal injuries. With that said, there is simply no way to guarantee that other drivers will exercise similar judgment when operating their vehicles. As Arizona personal injury...
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Buckle Up! Are Changes in Arizona Seatbelt Laws Needed to Promote Safety?

January 18, 2019
One person is killed on Arizona roads every nine hours. While many of these fatalities result from speeding, impairment, or other reckless driving activities, a significant number of motor vehicle deaths result from lack of seatbelt usage. Unfortunately, although it only takes a few seconds...
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Class is in Session: 3 Back to School Safety Tips

August 29, 2017
For the next four months of the year, between the hours of 8am and 3pm Monday through Friday, Parents around the country will be enjoying their annual extended vacation. That’s right, summer is at its end and school is back in session. All joking aside,...
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6 Memorial Day Weekend Facts To Know To Protect Your Family

May 21, 2017
We make our living as Arizona Car Accident, Arizona tractor-trailer accident, and Arizona motorcycle accident Lawyers / Attorneys.  We see some horrible stuff.  I am, and my Arizona car accident law firm is devoted to helping people avoid the tragedy that we see when people's lives are...
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