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Car Accidents

Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States, with over 34,000 fatal motor vehicle crashes taking place in 2017. This is largely because travel by car is one of the most popular and most-used methods of transportation in the country. Car collisions are extremely common and happen every day across the country and in our own state. These incidents can lead to severe injuries and often result in the deaths of those involved.

Car crashes can happen for a number of reasons. External conditions, such as weather, can create dangerous roadway conditions, potentially causing the driver to lose control of their vehicle. But more often than not, a car accident is related to the negligent behavior of another driver. With recent advances in technology such as cell phones and GPS, there are more and more distractions on the road that have drivers not paying adequate attention to their surroundings. These distractions, combined with human error and negligence, have resulted in an increase in car accidents and injuries related to those accidents.

Have you been injured in an Arizona motor vehicle accident that was not your fault? Are you struggling to find a way to pay the medical bills that are piling up after your crash? If so, then you need to speak with a car accident personal injury attorney about your accident as soon as possible. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages sustained in the car accident.

At Torgenson Law, our knowledgeable Phoenix car accident attorneys have the experience and skills necessary to help injured victims and family members who have been injured in a serious car accident get the financial recompense they deserve for the injuries they incurred. With decades of experience successfully representing the injured residents of Phoenix and all surrounding areas, the attorneys at Torgenson Law are extremely qualified and have the resources needed to handle even the most complicated and complex car crash claims. Call us today to speak with a skilled motor vehicle accident attorney about your accident and find out if you have the right to pursue a claim.


What to Know When Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Phoenix

Statistics show that there were 126,845 car crashes in Arizona in 2016. While some accidents were not as serious as others, more than 900 residents in Arizona lost their lives in vehicle collisions. Even when they’re not fatal, these crashes can result in serious injuries, like broken bones, brain damage, or concussions. These health concerns can cause great stress for the family and loved ones of those involved. Understanding the rights of car accident victims in the State of Arizona is essential to better protect yourself and your family following an accident.

When filing a claim for a car accident, an attorney who has an extensive understanding of all of the laws as they pertain to car accidents in Arizona is your best defense. A lawyer who has had success in acquiring settlements for their clients in the past will understand how best to argue and defend your case. In addition, you will want someone who will commit to your case and give it the dedicated, one-on-one attention it needs to ensure a positive outcome. At Torgenson Law, we will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand all of the options available in your case.


Common Causes of Car Crashes in Arizona

Most frequently, car accidents are the result of driver error or negligence. Operating a motor vehicle is a privilege given to drivers who adhere to the laws and rules of the road. Some drivers take this privilege for granted and do not take their responsibilities as seriously as they probably should. When drivers do not take their obligation to drive safely solemnly, they do unsafe things while driving such as use their cell phones, fall asleep, or drive under the influence. These kinds of reckless actions can also cause drivers to disobey crucial traffic rules and regulations, causing them to speed, run red lights, or, in the worst cases, strike another vehicle or person.

Other common causes of car crashes include:

  • Drunk Driving – In 2016, drunk drivers were the reason behind 31.19% of deaths related to vehicle collisions across the U.S. and 3.89% of all crashes in Arizona. Drunk driving accidents are more commonly seen in the urban areas and communities of Arizona.
  • Speeding – In 2016, driving at unsafe speeds caused a combined 45,452 crashes in Arizona, 18.38% of all accidents nationally. Speeding was also the reason for 176 driver deaths and nearly 14,388 injuries across the state. Speeding does not always mean going over the posted speed limit. It can also mean driving too fast in the given road conditions.
  • Disobeying Traffic Rules – Outside of driving at unsafe speeds, motorists in Arizona often fail to yield the right-of-way to other drivers, closely follow other vehicles, run stop signs, ignore traffic signals, turn improperly, and break other traffic rules. These behaviors confuse and disorient other drivers and can lead to catastrophic accidents, such as T-bone or head-on collisions.
  • Driver Impairment – Besides driving while drunk, a driver can also be impaired due to other reasons, including drug consumption, illness, fatigue, or physical impairment. In Arizona, tired drivers were at fault for nearly 1,910 crashes in 2016.
  • Other Reasons – Some crashes are not caused by motorist actions. Insufficient maintenance of the vehicle, malfunctioning parts of the car, poor weather conditions, and unsafe roadway conditions are also leading causes of car crashes both in the State of Arizona and across the United States.

The legal team at Torgenson Law believe it is important for everyone to understand their rights following a car accident in the State of Arizona. In order for someone to be compensated for the injuries they sustained in a motor vehicle crash, it is necessary for the injured victim to prove fault by an involved party.

The State of Arizona is an at-fault insurance state, meaning that the party who is responsible for the accident is also liable for the damages incurred in that crash. If a driver is determined to be responsible for the crash due to an act of irresponsibility or negligence, then the insurance company of the responsible driver must pay for the damages to the victim. In cases where there is more than one party who is at fault, accountability will be shared between all culpable parties and individuals.


Car Accident Statistics in Arizona

Vehicle collisions, including both fatal and non-fatal crashes, are an increasing problem, not only in Arizona but throughout the United States. Statistics show that, in recent years, car crashes have been on the rise. Arizona alone experienced 126,987 vehicle crashes in 2016. The increase in car crashes means that drivers are behaving more recklessly and anyone can be involved in a car accident.

From 2012 to 2016, car crash incidents rose by 23,000. This significant growth shows that car crashes have been and will continue to increase across Arizona. The lawyers at Torgenson Law want to provide you with the help you need if you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault.


Common Types of Car Accidents in Phoenix

Often, the type of collision or accident in which you are involved can provide relevant information on how and why the incident happened. It is important to understand the different types of car accidents and the reasons for which they occur, which could be helpful when attempting to assign responsibility for the crash to an at-fault party or individual. Certain types of car crashes are more common than others. Some of these include:

  • Rear-End Collisions – In this accident, a car makes contact with the vehicle immediately in front of it. Rear-end collisions are very common and typically involve motorists who are speeding or driving while distracted, resulting in the driver failing to stop in time to miss striking a car that may be stopped or slowing down. This type of collision is often the liability of the driver who hit the vehicle from the rear.
  • Sideswipes – This type of accident occurs when two cars collide with one another while they are driving parallel to one another and in the same direction. This accident can be the result of merging into an adjacent lane while failing to check for other vehicles, or it can involve swerving into a nearby lane without looking for another car.
  • Multi-Vehicle Collisions – A multi-vehicle collision, often called a pileup, is an accident involving several other vehicles. This often creates a chain reaction-style accident where a vehicle strikes the one in front of them before being struck again from behind. This trend is particularly true of rear-end collisions. If a single motorist is responsible for a multi-vehicle collision, they can be liable to pay for all damages and expenses for all other drivers involved in the crash.
  • Single-Car Accidents – These are the most common type of vehicle accident. In Arizona, there are thousands of single-car accidents every year. These accidents are often the responsibility of the driver. However, they can also be the fault of a third party not present in the crash. In certain cases, the accident could be the responsibility of the vehicle manufacturer due to a defective component or part, such as the braking system. These accidents could also be the responsibility of the entity that maintains the roadway. If you are a passenger in a single-vehicle accident and were injured as a result of that crash, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries as well.  

There are many reasons that vehicle crashes or accidents take place. If you sustained injuries in a car accident in Phoenix due to the negligent behavior of another person or company, you should contact a seasoned and aggressive car accident attorney who has decades of experience handling insurance companies. Contact the attorneys at Torgenson Law as soon as you have gotten medical treatment to discuss your accident. We will make sure that your rights as an accident victim are protected at all times throughout the legal process.

Do not let insurance companies take advantage of you. The insurance company is always out for themselves. They will try to make low-ball settlement offers and encourage you to accept whatever amount is first proposed. It is in your best interest to speak with a personal injury lawyer before speaking with anyone from an insurance company or signing anything.

The Types of Compensation Given to Victims of Car Accidents

At Torgenson Law, we pride ourselves on providing first-class, personalized service to all of our clients who have recently been involved in a car accident in or around the state of Arizona. Vehicle collisions can have long-term consequences for all victims and can lead to expensive hospital bills and medical costs. When working with the experienced car accident attorneys at Torgenson Law, you may be entitled to financial restitution to cover the costs of:

  • Medical Bills – Car accidents can result in rising medical costs due to the injuries suffered. Hospital costs are at an all-time high in the United States, and serious incidents can require extensive medical care that is difficult for a majority of citizens to afford. These medical costs include past, current, and future expenses that are the result of a vehicle collision.
  • Loss of Income If you have sustained a significant injury from a vehicle collision, you may be unable to return to work for an indefinite period of time. In some cases, you may be unable to return to work permanently due to the severity of your injuries. We are here to help you regain lost income resulting from vehicle collisions. This type of compensation includes lost current or future wages, as well as the loss of overall earning ability.
  • Pain and Suffering – Car accidents can result in the long-term pain and suffering of victims. This type of compensation includes any mental, physical, and emotional anguish that is the direct result of a motor vehicle crash.
  • Wrongful Death – Vehicle collisions too often result in the premature passing of a loved one or family member. Whenever a death is the result of irresponsible action or negligence on the part of another, a wrongful death claim can be pursued. The loved ones of victims who perished in fatal car crashes are able to receive compensation for their loved one who lost their life in the incident. While no amount of money can make up for the lost life, this compensation can help cover funeral costs and lost income.

Our experienced vehicle collision attorneys at Torgenson Law are here to help the injured accident victims in Phoenix and throughout Arizona by ensuring they have access to the most extensive and thorough representation available. Torgenson Law is composed of a cohesive team of trial lawyers who are ready to fight for the rights of good people injured in an accident that was caused by the careless, reckless, or negligent actions of another. When you have been hurt, you need attorneys that have your back throughout the entire legal process and can protect your rights as an accident victim.

At Torgenson Law, we are 100% dedicated to fighting against the big insurance companies and major corporations on behalf of the good people who live and work in the great State of Arizona. Let us help you, too. Call us today if you or a loved one has been injured or lost their life in a car accident that you believe was caused by another person’s negligence. Call us at (602) 833-2774.