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Have you been injured in an Uber accident in Phoenix? Then you need an Uber Accident Attorney Phoenix.

Transportation Network Companies run rampant in the streets—quite literally. We’re all familiar with Uber and Lyft, major players in the TNC game, but what you may not know is how they operate differently than taxicab companies, and why it’s important to your safety and wellbeing. Being injured in an Uber accident in Phoenix becomes a more likely occurrence every day. Make sure to call your top rated Uber Accident Attorney Phoenix - Torgenson Law.

Here’s what’s important to know, whether you’re injured in an Uber accident in Phoenix or any other cities where Uber is offered.

Fallacies of Insurance

When you have a collision with another driver, you swap papers and hammer out the details. (Possibly the dents, too.) When you’re hit by a bus, if you’re not at fault, you’re dealing with a large-scale corporation where you can expect a heightened level of compensation. Uber’s coverage is a mockery at best. At first, they wouldn’t cover injuries sustained while a driver was inbound to a client. What it led to is startling.

In San Francisco, an incident occurred where an Uber driver hit and killed a pedestrian on their way to pick up a client. It forced Uber to start ensuring their drivers in transit, whenever they are in “driver mode.”

No matter the state or city, whether you’re injured in an Uber accident in Phoenix or San Francisco, you can never see it coming. Uber doesn’t account for wear and tear on their driver's vehicles. While they’re not going to allow some junk box car to transport you initially, there are three years between required vehicle inspections. You and I, the people, have to get our vehicles inspected once a year: the safety procedures here are atrocious.

Uber views their drivers are independent contractors, not claiming the responsibility that any normal company would when incidents involve their employees. Incidents with and without bodily injury occur every day, but why should this a surprise? Car accidents happen every day, right? It’s not always with specific faults, accidents do happen. With any normal person understanding this, you’d think Uber would understand the necessity it takes to address these instances. The best advice is to hire an Uber Accident Attorney in Phoenix to handle all of the legal issues.

Do You Trust These Drivers?

When you use a taxicab service, you’re dealing with a gentleman or miss that use this as a day job, to feed their families and put bread on the table. Anyone can get accepted to Uber without ever meeting face-to-face with an employer or anyone from the Uber team. Take the example of a string of sexual assaults in Boston, Massachusetts back in December of 2014. There is such a level of freedom amongst these drivers that their stakes are much lower right off the bat. In the hub of activity, being injured in an Uber accident in Phoenix doesn’t always mean a simple fender bender. What precautions are they really taking to ensure these sort of things don’t happen again?

From those specific Boston dealings, Uber made a promise to step up their safety efforts, as many companies do when it’s already too late. Though claims were made that they were already in the works of increasing their safety procedures, we can’t be too certain in this case. It brings us to the question: do we trust these drivers?

What The Information Age Leaves Out

Birthed and fostered by technology, this fifty billion dollar per year enterprise has grown quickly, and vastly. It’s up for discussion whether or not this is a good thing, due to the lack of hands-on experience from these CEOs and other Uber team members. It leaves out the building blocks that any company should have: starting with its employees.

One driver out of Colorado, Cheryl, had her thoughts to share with the article author. “Uber makes it a point that they don’t really care about the day-to-day operations with any of the drivers. I worked for them for two years. I even knew some of the other Uber drivers in the area, and we’d sit in our cars together waiting for fares. We all agreed; they’re looking to get away with murder, and I’m not being light on that. If one of their drivers hits and causes life-threatening injuries to a member of the public, their first questions revolve around if their policies are intact and protecting them. From my experiences, they don’t even ask about the state of the injured person first and foremost, which is the most important part.”

“I stopped working for them,” she continued to say, “for more reasons than their immorality. My car wasn’t safe to drive; I failed my state inspection test. When I notified a representative of Uber, they didn’t even do so much as respond. I knew the three-year ruling about vehicle inspections, but I wanted to let them know I couldn’t work right now and not to suspend my account. I left because I didn’t feel it was right to jeopardize the safety of my clientele. It was a great job to teach an entrepreneur like myself, but I would never work for them again.”

If you’re injured in an Uber accident in Phoenix, you’ll want legal advice before anything else. Uber’s team will try to contact you to handle the situation, but only a legal team can try every angle at getting that $1,000,000 policy from one of these incidents.

You’ve been Injured in an Uber Accident in Phoenix- Now What?

First and foremost, seek legal counsel from a personal injury attorney in Phoenix who has experience dealing with rideshare corporations like Uber and Lyft. They’ll have the best chance at getting you the maximum settlement possible, and be helping you navigate complicated medical situations and bills. If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident in Phoenix, you need an attorney, do not give a statement to Uber or any insurance companies without first consulting the personal injury lawyers at Torgenson Law. It can make all the difference to the success of your case. Our team of aggressive personal injury attorneys will make sure you don’t get taken advantage of by greedy insurance companies seeking to pay you as little as possible.