Motorcycle Accident Attorney Phoenix

Automobile crashes are some of the worst types of experiences that individuals are able to cope with in their lives. Nevertheless, being involved in a crash when you are riding a motorcycle may get so much worse than when two automobiles collide on the street. This is since individuals who are on motorcycles are a lot more apt to be physically injured when they’re hit and they are much more vulnerable. It is typical for a biker to be hit and fly off of the motorcycle, which may lead to some serious injuries which will call for substantial medical care. When you require the most effective motorcycle accident attorney in Phoenix, Torgenson Law has the expertise and experience needed for this unique type of accident.

At Torgenson Law, we are referred to as the leading motorcycle accident attorney in Phoenix, and throughout the entire state. We understand the enjoyment and adventure of taking your bike out for for a ride, and we also know that many negligent drivers do not take into account that you are on the road with them. Motorcycles don’t offer you the protection of a vehicle, which is why your fellow drivers need to be even more aware of your presence and keep an eye out for the thousands of bikes that are on the road every day. We have successfully represented thousands of bikers who have become injured through no fault of their own.

Among the primary reasons it is helpful to work with a lawyer after being hit on a motorcycle is actually because they are able to significantly increase the settlement amount you’re offered. Typically, the at fault party’s insurance company is going to try to settle with you, rather than taking the case to trial. When there is an automobile and a motorcycle involved in a crash, it is much more difficult to get a jury to sympathize with the individual who was operating the automobile, which most insurance companies understand perfectly. This is why they are so fast to get you to settle.

An additional major benefit of hiring an excellent motorcycle accident lawyer is they are going to make the ordeal easier to deal with. In case you have to spend time in the hospital after the accident, the last thing you feel like doing is trying to gather police reports, witnesses, and whatever else that is going to assist in your case. If you attain a respected lawyer who has practical experience with motorcycle accidents, then you are able to rest easier and concentrate on getting well, while the law firm manages the complicated features of your case.

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Motorcycle Accident Attorney Phoenix