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What to do After a Motorcycle Accident

December 12, 2017

At Torgenson Law, we are Arizona personal injury specialists. This means have the experience and tools necessary to handle any case where you incur medical expenses, lost income, and/or physical and mental pain and suffering due to the negligence of another.  This includes motorcycle accidents.

While motorcycle crashes only make up a small percentage of all vehicle collisions in Arizona, we understand the risks and damages that result following a motorcycle crash. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, nearly 80% of all vehicle crashes involving a motorcycle result in injury. In comparison, not even half of all other automobile accidents result in personal injuries. Obviously, increased risk for injury is inherent with driving a motorcycle. Nonetheless, in no way does this impair your rights to compensation when you are injured by another’s negligence.

To help you motorcyclists out there, we have provided a list of steps you should follow if you are ever involved in a motorcycle accident.

Step 1: Get to Safety

There is nothing more important than your safety. As a motorcyclist, you are vulnerable to additional injuries if you remain in the roadway following an accident. Unless you are incapable of moving or if moving would cause further injury, you should immediately find a safe area away from traffic. This is vital to helping you avoid additional or more severe injuries.

Step 2: Call 9-1-1

This is necessary for a number of reasons. For one, the police will take a report of the crash, and they may also give a citation for the at-fault driver. Additionally, officers will include witnesses’ statements in their report who can verify what caused the crash. The police report will be useful in establishing legal liability for your potential personal injury claim. Additionally, calling 9-1-1 will alert emergency medical services that injuries may be involved. Again, your health and safety is what matters most. If you are injured in a motorcycle crash, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Step 3: Exchange Information with the Other Driver(s)

Gather information from the at-fault driver. Get his or her name, address, insurance information, as well as their driver’s license, plate number, and vehicle description.

Step 4: Take Photographs

If you are able, ALWAYS take photographs of the crash scene. Specifically, take photos of the vehicle damage, as well as your injuries. In a personal injury case it is necessary to document your cuts and bruises, especially right after your motorcycle crash. As your personal injury attorneys, we are able to appreciate everything you go through after you suffer an injury because we have direct and open communication regarding your physical and mental pain and suffering. However, insurance companies are not so understanding. Our goal at Torgenson Law is to ensure that you are fully compensated for your injuries. Photographs of the crash scene and your injuries go a long way in making that happen because they provide insurance companies with a visual of your suffering that cannot be ignored.

Step 5: Beware of the At-Fault Party’s Insurance Company

Insurance companies are notorious for making lowball offers immediately after an automobile accident. Do not let them take advantage of you. Sometimes motorcycle crash injuries do not manifest themselves for days or even weeks after the incident. If you receive such an offer, be prudent and call us at Torgenson Law. At no cost to you, we can evaluate your potential personal injury claim and make sure the insurance company offers you full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Step 6: Call a Personal Injury Attorney.

At Torgenson Law, we are here for your motorcycle injury needs. We know what it takes to fight for every penny to make sure you are made whole again when you are injured by another’s negligence. If you or a loved one is in a motorcycle accident, find safety, get the medical treatment needed for your recovery, and give our Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers a call at (602) 726-0747.

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