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5 Tips to Resolve a Car Accident Property Damage Claim

May 6, 2021

Resolving Property Damage Claims in Arizona

Vehicle accidents can result in significant setbacks for those involved. Obviously, those who sustain an accident injury must ensure that they receive prompt medical care. However, the vast majority of vehicle accidents in Arizona result in only property damage. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were approximately 130,000 total collisions during the latest year across the state. Out of those, almost 92,000 were property damage-only incidents. Here, our Phoenix car accident lawyers want to discuss five tips to resolving car accident property damage claims after an Arizona car accident.

1.     Get an estimate

If your vehicle can be repaired after an accident occurs, then you will be allowed to take it to a repair shop of your choice to get an estimate. It is very likely that the insurance carrier will insist that you use their repair shop, but you have the right to get a second opinion from an independent mechanic.

2.     Determine the fair market value for the vehicle

If this vehicle insurance company determines that the car is a total loss (which means the repair costs will be more than the value of the vehicle), it is important to obtain the fair market value of your vehicle. This can be done by using the Internet to search for the cost of a comparable vehicle, which means that the other vehicle will be the same age, same condition, similar mileage, and same options.

3.     Claim the loss

When your vehicle has sustained damage due to the careless or negligent actions of somebody else, your inability to use the vehicle while it is being repaired can be counted as a loss. This loss can be claimed regardless of whether or not you actually have to pay for a substitute rental vehicle in the meantime.

4.     Do not let the insurance carrier use the property damage claim against you

You need your vehicle in order to get to work and carry out your daily activities. The insurance carrier knows this, and they have a responsibility to resolve your vehicle accident property damage claim within a short period of time unless there is a dispute about who is at fault for the incident.

If you have sustained an injury as well as property damage, the insurance carrier cannot delay the settlement of your property damage claim in order to influence your decision about whether or not to resolve the injury claim more quickly. If you are confronted with any situation where the insurance carrier attempts to use a property damage claim as leverage against you, you need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

5.     Work with an attorney for your claim

Generally, your insurance company will be efficient in handling your property damage claim. However, insurance carriers can operate aggressively, and this could be a problem for those without any legal experience. If necessary, we strongly recommend that you work with a skilled car accident lawyer in Arizona who has experience handling vehicle accident injury and property damage claims. A personal injury attorney in Phoenix will be able to handle every aspect of the claims process on your behalf in order to help ensure you receive maximum compensation for your losses.

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