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Be Proactive, Not Reactive: 4 Things You Must Know About Your Insurance to Protect Your Family

September 29, 2021
Safe driving habits will always be Plan A when it comes to helping you and your family avoid personal injuries. With that said, there is simply no way to guarantee that other drivers will exercise similar judgment when operating their vehicles. As Arizona personal injury...
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The Grand Canyon: Scenic, Yet Deadly!

September 23, 2021
The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  It makes sense that the Grand Canyon is the setting for many people’s adventure of a lifetime.  An estimated 5.9 million people visit the Grad Canyon every year, which makes it the...
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Riding a Bike in Arizona: What Are Your Personal Injury Rights?

September 16, 2021
Bicycling is an activity that many Arizona residents and visitors take part in every day. Whether participating in recreational riding or using a bicycle as a primary method of transportation, the most important thing for both cyclists and vehicle drivers to be aware of is...
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How Arizona’s Jury Selection Process Changes Can Impact Your Personal Injury Case

September 9, 2021
Starting January 1, 2022, Arizona will become the first state to completely eliminate peremptory challenges from its jury selection process in both civil and criminal cases. This is a landmark decision that will likely have significant ramifications on future jury trials, verdicts, and the litigation...
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Odd Job Injuries: When Are Homeowners Liable?

August 26, 2021
At Torgenson Law, our Phoenix personal injury lawyers truly believe there are no accidents. Whether you suffer personal injuries on the road, at work, or on someone else’s property, it is very likely that someone is at fault. With that said, there are numerous claims...
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