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Back To School Safety Tips

August 19, 2021
For the next four months of the year, between the hours of 8am and 3pm Monday through Friday, parents around the country will be enjoying their annual extended vacation. That’s right, summer is at its end and school is back in session. All joking aside,...
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What to Do After Witnessing a Car Accident in Arizona?

August 12, 2021
Vehicle accidents occur all the time in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. All of us hope that we will not be involved in a crash when we get behind the wheel of a vehicle. However, even if you are not directly involved in a vehicle accident,...
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Should You Contact an Arizona Injury Lawyer for Your Car Crash?

August 5, 2021
After a car accident, victims with injuries often have many questions. Should they see a doctor? How can they get compensation? Should they call an attorney or handle their case themselves? The truth is that there are many reasons why you should call an attorney...
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What Evidence Should I Have After a Car Accident in Phoenix?

July 15, 2021
If you or somebody you love has been injured in a vehicle accident caused by the negligent actions of another driver, you should be able to recover compensation for your losses. However, recovering this compensation can present significant challenges, particularly when it comes to determining...
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Who is Liable in a Boating Accident?

July 8, 2021
Boat accidents often result in significant injuries for those involved, and it is critical to determine liability so that injury victims can recover compensation. However, determining liability in the aftermath of a boat crash can be challenging. This process can be hampered by investigations that...
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