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What to do After Hitting an Illegally Parked Car

October 18, 2021
Striking a parked car will almost always be the fault of the person driving a vehicle. However, what happens if the car was illegally parked? For vehicle accident cases involving illegally parked cars, both drivers could be involved. One driver could be at fault for...
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Beware! Signs an Insurance Company is Trying to Take Advantage of You

October 15, 2021
As Arizona personal injury attorneys, we have long heard the phrases “ambulance chaser” and “frivolous lawsuits.” These terms often lead to an accident victim’s reluctance in hiring a personal injury attorney.  Understandably, these stereotypes and myths often stem from annoying advertisements such as flashy billboards...
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Sobering Facts About the Dangers of Trucking Accidents

October 7, 2021
Vehicle accidents often result in severe injuries for every party involved, including drivers and passengers. Accidents involving large commercial trucks are much more likely to result in catastrophic injuries and property damage. Here, we want to examine why truck accidents are more dangerous than traditional...
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Be Proactive, Not Reactive: 4 Things You Must Know About Your Insurance to Protect Your Family

September 29, 2021
Safe driving habits will always be Plan A when it comes to helping you and your family avoid personal injuries. With that said, there is simply no way to guarantee that other drivers will exercise similar judgment when operating their vehicles. As Arizona personal injury...
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The Grand Canyon: Scenic, Yet Deadly!

September 23, 2021
The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  It makes sense that the Grand Canyon is the setting for many people’s adventure of a lifetime.  An estimated 5.9 million people visit the Grad Canyon every year, which makes it the...
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