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Arizona Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Accidents involving pedestrians are a major public health concern. In 2021, there were more than 1,700 accidents involving pedestrians in Arizona, and that number is only increasing. Pedestrian accidents are becoming more common as the number of cars and people on the roads increases in urban settings.

There are many factors that contribute to the increasing number of pedestrian accidents. One of the most common causes is driver distraction. Distracted drivers often fail to look for pedestrians when turning or crossing the street. Distracted walking, such as texting while walking, can also be a factor, as pedestrians may not be aware of their surroundings. But other causes include vehicular speeding, impairment from alcohol or drugs, and poor lighting.

Pedestrian accidents are more common in certain areas. Urban areas tend to have a higher rate of pedestrian accidents due to the increased number of cars and pedestrians intermingling. Poorly lit roads and intersections can also contribute to the problem. Rural areas actually may have a higher rate of pedestrian accidents due to drivers driving at higher speeds and failing to consider pedestrians.

To reduce the number of pedestrian accidents, drivers and pedestrians should both take steps to increase their safety. Drivers should watch for pedestrians and reduce their speed, and pedestrians should be aware of their surroundings and avoid distractions.

If you have been involved in an accident as a pedestrian, you have certain rights that you may not know you have. The pedestrian accident lawyers at Torgenson Law understand the legal intricacies of these types of incidents. They will help you understand your rights and seek justice for your injuries and damages.

Arizona Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Each year, thousands of pedestrians are injured in Arizona auto accidents. Auto accidents involving pedestrians can be catastrophic, as pedestrians are essentially defenseless against a moving vehicle. A report from the Arizona Department of Transportation shows that accidents involving pedestrians are increasing year over year.

  • There were 121,345 total vehicle crashes in 2021
  • There were 1,180 accident fatalities in 2021, an 11.95% increase over 2020
  • A total of 1,535 pedestrians were injured by automobiles in 2021
  • A total of 257 pedestrians were killed in 2021, a 9.35% increase over 2020
  • In 2021, 1,005 bicyclists were injured in accidents involving vehicles
  • A total of 45 cyclists were killed in accidents, a 45% increase over 2020
  • Pedestrian injuries caused by vehicle accidents increased 13% year over year in 2021

As Arizona’s urban population continues to grow, pedestrian accidents are unfortunately becoming more common. If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident, contact Torgenson Law for a free case evaluation, and learn how you may receive compensation for your injuries and damages.

Types of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are a major source of injury and death on roads, accounting for thousands of deaths and serious injuries each year. Pedestrian accidents occur when a person on foot is struck by a vehicle and can range from minor scrapes and bruises to severe injuries and fatalities. There are several common types of traffic accidents involving pedestrians in Arizona, including pedestrian-vehicle collisions, pedestrians being struck by opening doors, and pedestrian/bicycle collisions.

Pedestrian-vehicle collisions are among the most common types of traffic accidents involving pedestrians. These happen when a pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the street or walking along the side of the road. Pedestrian-vehicle collisions occur from a variety of factors, including driver distraction, speeding, failing to yield the right-of-way, impaired driving, and failing to obey traffic signs and signals.

Pedestrians can also be injured by opening vehicle doors, a phenomenon known as “dooring.” Dooring occurs when a driver or passenger opens a vehicle door without checking for oncoming cyclists or pedestrians. This can cause the cyclist or pedestrian to swerve into traffic to avoid the open door. Dooring accidents result in serious injuries and fatalities and are especially common in areas with heavy bicycle traffic.

Some pedestrians are also injured in collisions with bicycles. Pedestrian/bicycle collisions typically occur when a bicyclist rides too fast or fails to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian. These types of accidents can occur in urban areas, on sidewalks, and even in crosswalks. With the prevalence of today’s speedy electric bikes, pedestrian/bicycle collisions can cause serious injuries, including head and neck trauma, as well as broken bones.

How Do Attorneys Prove Negligence in Pedestrian Accidents?

Negligence is a legal concept used to hold individuals responsible for their actions or inactions that lead to injuries or losses to another person. Negligence is often a factor in pedestrian accidents, and attorneys must have a solid understanding of what is legally required to prove negligence so they can effectively represent their clients.

To prove negligence, attorneys must establish four elements: duty, breach, causation, and damages.

  • Duty requires that the defendant owed the plaintiff a certain level of care, such as the duty of a driver to obey traffic laws and be aware of pedestrians.
  • Breach of duty is then established by showing that the defendant failed to act accordingly and with reasonable care.
  • Causation is established by demonstrating that the defendant’s breach of duty was the direct cause of the accident.
  • Damages are identified by proving that the plaintiff suffered losses from the accident.

To prove these elements, attorneys build a case off evidence such as police reports, witness statements, photographs, and any other relevant information. For example, if the defendant was speeding, attorneys can use the police report to show that the defendant was in breach of the duty of reasonable care. They can now obtain witness statements to back up their claims of how the accident occurred and begin to lay out what the defendant did or did not do that led to the incident.

Finally, attorneys must provide evidence of the damages suffered by the plaintiff, such as medical bills, psychological trauma, and lost wages.

How Torgenson Law Can Help

At Torgenson Law, we leave no stone uncovered in seeking justice for you and your family. In gathering and evaluating all the evidence, our Arizona bus accident lawyers can build a convincing case that the defendant was negligent and that you, as the victim, suffered losses as a result.

This evidence is then presented to the court, allowing the judge or jury to make a determination of negligence. With the help of our experienced attorneys, pedestrians can successfully hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

For a complete evaluation of your legal options, call 602-845-8777 or https://www.torgensonlaw.com/contact-us/ to speak to an Arizona pedestrian accident attorney at Torgenson Law today.