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The Role of Truck Driver Fatigue in Phoenix Truck Accidents

January 23, 2023

Semi-truck accidents are a major source of concern in the transportation industry. The sheer size and weight of semi-trucks mean that when they are involved in a crash, the results can be catastrophic to both the truck driver and those in passenger vehicles.

When it comes to road safety and preventing dangerous driving-related incidents, the importance of addressing truck driver fatigue, maintaining vehicles properly, eliminating distractions while driving, and preparing inexperienced drivers cannot be overstated.

Investigating Factors that Contribute to Truck Driver Fatigue-Related Crashes in Arizona

Falling asleep at the wheel is an ever-increasing problem for truck drivers, particularly in Arizona. The state has seen a dramatic rise in crashes due to truck driver fatigue because of long stretches of hours being driven and lack of rest for drivers.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has stated that over-hour driving can lead to decreased productivity, slower reaction times, higher levels of stress and anxiety, as well as increased risk for highway collisions.

What Are the Over-Hour Limits in Arizona?

The state of Arizona has strict regulations regarding over-hour limits for commercial vehicle operators. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck drivers are limited to a maximum of 11 hours per day or 70 hours in an 8-day period. Drivers must also take at least 10 consecutive hours off before they start their next shift and should not drive more than 12 cumulative hours in any 24-hour period.

Additionally, all drivers must be provided with sufficient rest breaks throughout their shifts and must remain within federally mandated speed limits while on the road. These laws help ensure that truckers can safely navigate Arizona highways without fatigue impacting their performance behind the wheel.

The Factors That Contribute to Truck Driver Fatigue

The first factor that contributes to truck driver fatigue is long working hours. Drivers are often required to work for extended periods of time with little rest or breaks, leading to a decrease in alertness and concentration on the roads. Additionally, drivers can become exhausted from driving through congested traffic and dealing with unpredictable weather conditions which can impact visibility or cause unexpected delays.

Another contributing factor that leads to truck driver fatigue is inadequate sleep quality. Many commercial vehicle operators struggle with insomnia due to stress, anxiety, loud noises during travel, and general discomfort while sleeping in unfamiliar locations. As such, it is essential that employers provide adequate rest areas and accommodations for their employees, so they have access to necessary facilities needed for quality sleep while on the road.

Accidents that Involve Over-Hours Truck Driving

If you have been in an accident that involved a commercial vehicle driver operating with truck driver fatigue, then it is important to understand your rights and the legal recourse available to you.

Additionally, victims of accidents involving over-hour trucking may also pursue legal action against the employer responsible for overseeing operations. Under federal regulations, employers must ensure that drivers follow mandated rest requirements and are not being pushed beyond their physical limitations when performing duties behind the wheel. If employers fail to meet this standard of operation, they can be found liable for any resulting damages or injuries caused by negligent employees under vicarious liability laws.

Investigating truck driver fatigue is an important step to ensure the safety of all road users. Fatigue can cause impaired judgment and slow reaction times, leading to serious accidents on highways. It is essential for employers, safety organizations, and law enforcement to investigate potential cases of truck driver fatigue to prevent further incidents from occurring.

Ultimately, truck driver fatigue has long been a prevalent issue in Arizona, and despite restricted governing regulations for over-hours limits of on-duty truck drivers to protect the public, fatigue continues to be an issue. It is important that we investigate and understand the underlying causes of truck driver fatigue to reduce it.

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