Arizona Pedestrian Laws and Safety

Arizona Pedestrian Laws writes that drivers are not the only users of the road who have to abide by traffic laws. While drivers are obligated to exercise care to avoid striking pedestrians, pedestrians have their own set of laws to follow.

In Arizona, pedestrians must follow the directions of any traffic control devices, signals, signs, or pavement markings. If a pedestrian is walking somewhere with a sidewalk, then walking on the road is not permitted. If there is no sidewalk, pedestrians are to walk on the shoulder of the road on the left side, which means facing the direction of oncoming traffic. 

Intersection Safety in Phoenix

At intersections, pedestrians must follow traffic signals. Pedestrians cannot cross or enter the road in front of an approaching vehicle if the vehicle is so close that the driver does not have the time or opportunity to yield. If a pedestrian is crossing outside of a crosswalk, then vehicles are given the right-of-way.

If a pedestrian overhead path or tunnel exists in an area, then pedestrians wishing to cross on the road must give vehicles the right of way. When crossing the road, pedestrians are to stay on the right of the crosswalk, take the shortest route, and avoid crossing at a diagonal unless the intersection markings indicate otherwise. 

Follow The Rules of The Road

In addition to walking on the road, pedestrians must follow the rules about standing on paved roads. It is illegal to stand in the roadway to solicit rides, business, or employment. 

While drivers must be cautious around pedestrians, even in situations where the driver has the right of way, pedestrians who wish to avoid being struck by vehicles should educate themselves about their own obligations and should exercise caution when walking around moving vehicles. More and more pedestrians are killed every year, and most of these accidents are completely avoidable.

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