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Bike Sharing Coming To Mesa In 2016

October 30, 2015

Bike-sharing programs have been spreading across the United States over the past few years and it will be spreading to downtown Mesa, Arizona in the spring of 2016. These programs have started in cities like Minneapolis, Washington, New York, and Seattle. Though these bike rentals are very climate friendly, the reason why it is spreading so quickly is because of the convenience that it offers people. It is easier for people to get to work.

Though we fully support the idea of people getting exercise on their way to work through this program, we do understand the consequences of having more bicyclists on the street. The increase in bikes can put more people at risk of injury and cause unnecessary litigation. To help prevent that from occurring we want to give you a list of things to stay safe on the road while biking.

1.     Always, always, always follow the law. Obey traffic signals and stop signs. You have the same rights and duties of motorists and to keep yourself and others safe, make sure you pay attention and follow all signage.

2.     Visibility is key. Don’t try to hide while you’re riding on the road. You need to be as visible as possible so that drivers can react accordingly.

3.     Think ahead. Try and anticipate what drivers will do next by watching for turning signals. Also be on the lookout for potholes, debris, and street parked cars.

4.     Use both hands when braking. When braking make sure to have both hands on the brakes so that you may stop in time. If you use one hand you may not stop in time resulting in an injury.

5.     Wear a helmet. Though this wasn’t first on the list it is the most important step when riding a bike. No matter if you are going a mile or 30 feet it is extremely important for you to keep yourself safe while on the road.

6.     Make sure the bike is safe. Check the tire pressure of your bicycle before you start riding. If the air pressure is low on your tire then you may get involved in an accident.

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With these tips we hope you stay safe while riding your bicycles. If you do happen to get involved in a personal injury incident due to drivers negligence you will need aggressive attorneys to fight on your behalf. Call Torgenson Law today at (602) 726-0747.