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How are Arizona Courts Responding to COVID-19?

March 23, 2020
COVID-19, otherwise known as the “Coronavirus,” has created high levels of uncertainty in many aspects of our lives, such as our health, education, and financial stability. Businesses are temporarily closing or transitioning into indefinite “work-from-home” policies, schools are switching to online classes only, and basically...
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Arizona Law About Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries

January 16, 2020
It should go without saying that we are extremely blessed with wonderfully diverse winter weather of Arizona. I mean c’mon! Where else in the world can one enjoy a refreshingly mild morning in the desert and then spend that same afternoon skiing or snowboarding? Torgenson...
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Buckle Up! Are Changes in Arizona Seatbelt Laws Needed to Promote Safety?

January 18, 2019
One person is killed on Arizona roads every nine hours. While many of these fatalities result from speeding, impairment, or other reckless driving activities, a significant number of motor vehicle deaths result from lack of seatbelt usage. Unfortunately, although it only takes a few seconds...
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6 Memorial Day Weekend Facts To Know To Protect Your Family

May 21, 2017
We make our living as Arizona Car Accident, Arizona tractor-trailer accident, and Arizona motorcycle accident Lawyers / Attorneys.  We see some horrible stuff.  I am, and my Arizona car accident law firm is devoted to helping people avoid the tragedy that we see when people's lives are...
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5 Winter Driving Safety Tips

January 27, 2017
As Phoenix car accident lawyers, we are well aware of the increase in car accidents that occur during the winter months.  Unless under unavoidable circumstances, most Americans residing in cold-weather states prefer to stay indoors and off the roadways during frigid winter conditions. Judging by...
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