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6 Memorial Day Weekend Facts To Know To Protect Your Family

May 21, 2017

We make our living as Arizona Car Accident, Arizona tractor-trailer accident, and Arizona motorcycle accident Lawyers / Attorneys.  We see some horrible stuff.  I am, and my Arizona car accident law firm is devoted to helping people avoid the tragedy that we see when people’s lives are catastrophically changed by Arizona tractor trailer accidents, Arizona motorcycle accidents, and Arizona car accidents.  I am devoted to making Arizona a safer place, and these facts will help you to be mindful of what you are facing on the road this weekend.  PLEASE be damn careful.

  1. Memorial Day Weekend Is The Second Deadliest Weekend Of The Year For Arizona Car Accidents.  Memorial Day is a 3.25 day weekend, this year from 6:00 PM Friday, May 22 through Monday, May 25 at 11:59 PM.  The National Safety Council estimates that 383 people will die nationally as a result of car accidents this holiday weekend.  Please don’t let one of those be you.  If you are wondering what the most deadliest weekend is – it is Fourth of July.  Blog forthcoming….
  2. This Holiday Weekend, Arizona Car Accidents Will Cause The Second Most Amount Of People To Go To The Hospital Than Any Other Weekend Of The Year.  The National Safety Council Estimates that 46,300 people will consult a medical professional as a result of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and tractor-trailer accidents this weekend nationally.  Be careful, follow safety rules, and drive defensively to protect your family.
  3. Monday, May 25, Is The Most Dangerous Day Of The Weekend.  Arnold and Cerrelli (1987) (researchers) found that traffic fatalities rose 32% on The Monday of Memorial Day compared with the other Mondays in May.  Please keep this in mind when you are setting your travel plans and getting your family home safely on Monday.  Maybe even head home on Sunday.  Just a thought to avoid car accidents.
  4. Drunk Drivers Are Out In Force This Weekend, Causing Car Crashes And Motorcycle Accidents In Arizona.  last year, during Memorial Day Weekend, law enforcement arrested 434 drunk drivers in Arizona.  In fact, 40% of fatalities involve alcohol over Memorial Day weekend.  As always, never drink and drive.  This weekend, be especially aware of the other drivers on the road, they could hurt you.
  5. Call Your Insurance Agent Today And Get UIM/UM Insurance Coverage.  If you are in a car accident this weekend, you will be even more devastated unless you get a significant Underinsured/Uninsured Insurance policy for you and your family.  They are very reasonable and inexpensive.  This makes sure you are covered even if the driver who hits you does not have insurance for your personal injury case or has minimum coverage for your personal injury case.  Do not gamble with your own financial well-being.
  6. Torgenson Law Will Help You And Is Ready To Fight For Your Personal Injury Case.  As Arizona car accident, motorcycle accident, wrongful death, and truck accident attorneys, we are here for you this weekend and every other day of the year.  We always meet with you for free and do not charge anything unless we recover for your Arizona car accident.  We handle your personal injury or wrongful death case with loyalty, trust, commitment, and compassion.  Give us a call (602) 726-0747 or fill out an online contact form if we can ever be of service to you and your family as your Arizona personal injury attorneys.  Please be safe and have fun this weekend.

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