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Center Turning Lanes Rules in Arizona

March 9, 2022

Center turning lanes are also referred to as “universal turn lanes,” or even a more ominous term, “suicide lanes.” The reality is that center turning lanes can lead to significant confusion, and we want to clear up some of that confusion here. This article will define center turning lanes as well as the rules that Arizona drivers need to be aware of when using these lanes.

Turning Lanes Rules in Arizona

What is a Center Turn Lane?

If it helps clear up some confusion, you can also think of a center turn lane as the median, except this is a median where individuals can drive their vehicles to turn one way or the other. However, these center turn lanes are typically only wide enough for one vehicle, which leads to potentially hazardous situations for vehicles in Arizona.

It is crucial for drivers only to get into this center turn lane if they plan on making a turn, and not to actually drive in this lane at all. Individuals driving in the center turn lane will inevitably run into other vehicles stopped or those going very slowly waiting to make their turn left or right.

The Dangers of Center Turn Lanes

The reality is that many individuals in the state of Arizona use the center turn lane inappropriately. This is particularly true when traffic is backed up because many drivers see this empty center turn lane and decide to use it as another lane for traffic. The problem is that vehicles driving in the other direction may do the same thing, and this could lead to a head-on collision situation.

One of the biggest issues with the center turn lane, aside from individuals using this lane as another traffic zone, is how long an individual should be in the turn lane before making their actual turn. Typically, drivers should only get into the turn lane right before the area where their turn has to occur. In other words, they should not merge into the turn lane and drive in it for some time before their turn destination.

Additionally, if a driver gets into the turn lane and needs to merge back into traffic, they should not use the turn lane to accelerate and merge. In other words, a driver must stay put in the turn lane and wait for traffic to clear before they pull into traffic. They cannot use the turn lane to gain forward momentum and then merge, because this could lead to a potential head-on or rear-end collision with other vehicles in the turn lane.

Contact an Attorney

If you or somebody you care about has been injured in an accident while instead of a turn lane in Arizona, you should reach out to a skilled attorney as soon as possible. A Phoenix car accident lawyer can examine the facts of your case and help you recover any compensation you may be entitled to. Using their resources, a lawyer will gather the evidence needed to prove liability and represent you when going up against insurance carriers or during a civil personal injury lawsuit. The ultimate goal is for you to recover compensation for any medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages you incur as a result of the center turn lane collision.

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