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Spring Break Safety Tips: Have Fun & Avoid “Breaks”

March 10, 2022

With beautiful weather year-round and only warmer months ahead, Arizona offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for local and visiting thrill-seekers. Spring break season is upon us, and Arizona is an extremely popular destination for vacationers and tourists. As one of the top ten most visited states in the U.S., there are activities for everyone of any age to enjoy. Whether you’re snowboarding in Flagstaff, hiking the Grand Canyon, or visiting shooting ranges or Spring Training in Phoenix, it is important to not only have fun, but to stay safe. At Torgenson Law, our Arizona Injury Lawyers care about ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe during your Arizonan adventures.

Due to the vast amount of public parks and state-owned land in Arizona, there are many laws and regulations surrounding their usage for recreation. Touring companies must comply with these standards in order to guarantee the safest experiences possible for their customers. However, there is always the potential of you or your loved ones getting injured when participating in these outdoor adventures when companies do not comply with basic safety rules.

If you are planning on taking your family on a spring break vacation or you are a college student traveling with friends, stay safe while pursuing these activities by employing these few tips:

  • Do your research. There are numerous tour and recreation companies that offer guided tours and various activities in Arizona. Plan ahead and do your research to find the best fit for your vacation needs.
  • Exercise safety precautions. Carefully follow the safety instructions given by tour guides. You are smart. Listen to that voice in the back of your head and make informed decisions.
  • Stay with the group. If you are going on a guided tour of a public land like Sedona or the Grand Canyon, do not venture away from your group. Stay on the path directed; the guides know where and where not to venture.
  • Read the terms of agreements carefully. Know what you are getting yourself into. Ask questions and be mindful of the potential risks of your adventure ahead.
  • NEVER drink and drive. Spring break is a perfect time to let loose and have a few drinks if that is what you are in to, however, it is important to keep yourself and others around you safe. Do not get behind the wheel if you have consumed alcohol and do not get into a car with anyone who has been drinking.

Torgenson Law wishes you the best of times during your spring vacation. In the event of an injury on your trip, we are here to provide the support and information needed for your potential claim for injury compensation. Give us a call at (602) 759-0012

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