In A Multiple Vehicle Collision? Find Who Is At Fault

In A Multiple Vehicle Collision? Find Who Is At Fault Featured Image

Car accidents happen. It’s a fact of life that we must live with everyday. Though we take necessary precautions, we can sometimes find ourselves in an accident when it isn’t our fault. Most of the time a car accident involves just two individuals but in some cases there are multi-vehicle collisions.

Multi-vehicle collisions tend to happen more on highways and could involve a large truck or bus. These accidents can often result in numerous individuals being injured or even killed. Because of the number of people involved in the accident it is important to determine who is most at fault. Though this sounds easy it is vital for you to have a personal injury lawyer investigate the circumstances of the collision.

In determining who was at fault we must first look at the law. In Arizona we have a comparative negligence method to find who is liable in an accident and by how much. Comparative negligence is a tort rule that distributes damages based on how much both individuals are at fault. The jury will allocate fault, in percentage, to either the plaintiff or defendant.

In a multi-vehicle accident your damages depend on your contribution towards the collision. Were you speeding? Did you signal correctly? Did you not leave enough space between yourself and the vehicle in front of you? Your answers to some of these questions could determine whether or not you receive full, partial, or no damages at all.

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