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5 Tips for Cyclists Participating in Arizona Bike Week

As Arizona personal injury lawyers, we know that riding on your motorcycle can be very dangerous.  It is important to protect yourself from personal injury while enjoying your bike. Next week on April 6th Arizona hosts one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the country. The 20th Annual Arizona Bike Week will take place over 10 days and will have around 8 rides. Over 70,000 bikers came to visit Arizona last year and they fully expect that number to be the same or maybe larger. The week includes events such as concerts and parties and will add an influx of bikers to our roads. This addition of new motorcyclists in Arizona could result in a spike in personal injury situations. Here are some tips to keep safe and have a good time rather than facing personal injuries.

Be Visible. It is proven that drivers have trouble seeing and reacting to motorcycles on time. Be sure that your headlights work and wear reflective clothing to reduce the chances of a personal injury matter happening to you. Also be aware of the potential blind spots of cars and trucks and keep visible at all times.

Dress Safely. Wear a helmet that is made of a good quality to go along with thick full sleeve clothing. Wear pants over shorts, as the only thing between you and the road is the protective gear that you wear. This could decrease the severity of personal injury that may befall you.

Drive Defensively. Give yourself space and time to respond to the drivers around you as well as giving the drivers time to respond to you. Try and avoid weaving between lanes and always signal your next move in advance.

Follow The 4 Second Rule. Driving on the road with motorcycles around you may cause drivers to become nervous so follow the four-second rule. Keep four seconds worth of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Choose an object like a tree or sign and count the seconds between when the vehicle passes and when you do. This amount of time passing allows you to brake in time before causing unnecessary personal injury litigation.

Check Your Blind Spots Often. Though we have given tips for motorists to know where potential blind spots in cars are, it’s also important for you to regularly check them. Before changing lanes always turn to both blind spots and be sure that a motorcycle isn’t in that position. Remember that we all share the road and we need to look out for each other.

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Arizona Bike Week is a time of enjoyment for people who have/ride motorcycles. If you happen to see more motorcycles then usual on your morning or evening commute, be sure to stay vigilant, and follow these tips to keep everyone safe. If an Arizona personal injury situation does arise you will need aggressive cycling accident lawyers in Phoenix fighting for you. Call Torgenson Law today at (602) 726-0747 and let’s make sure our roads are safe for all drivers.

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