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Seniors And Driving: When Should You Be Worried?

March 25, 2016

Driving is a privilege that many of us enjoy and allows us a personal sense of freedom to do as we please. However, for all of us there comes a time when we must be honest and limit or completely stop driving. Losing control of a vehicle because of confusion or panic could cause real personal injury problems for the driver and other citizens. Though it is always hard to give up a personal freedom, here are some tips to find out if a senior you know should limit or stop their driving.

Assess Their Health. It is incredibly important that a senior who may be driving is in the best of health. As we age muscles weaken, joints stiffen, and peripheral vision narrows. Because of these issues the ability to back up, check blind spots, or brake properly may arise which increases the chances of a personal injury situation arising. Prescribed medication that is taken by a senior could also have an effect on their driving skills. Before they continue driving, be sure to check the health status of the senior you are worried about.

Check Warning Signs. The AARP website has a list of warning signs to know if a senior citizen should stop driving. These warnings include “getting lost in familiar locations” or “finding dents and scrapes on the car”. If you notice some of the warning signs happening to a senior citizen that you love, you may want to sign them up for a driver improvement course.

Have A Discussion. It is never easy to lose a personal freedom. Many times seniors are constantly having responsibilities and freedoms stripped from them so it can be hard to have a conversation about the need to stop driving. AARP offers a free online seminar that helps you have a conversation with older drivers. It is important to maintain reasonable expectations during the conversation. Try and come up with alternate forms of transportation if they need to travel.

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