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Wrongful Death Premises Liability Accident Lawyers

The consequences of not keeping up with a property’s maintenance can be dire — including wrongful deaths. For instance, if a building has faulty electrical wiring or outdated plumbing systems, there is a higher likelihood of accidents occurring, such as electrical fires or plumbing leaks. These hazardous conditions can pose significant dangers to the occupants, potentially leading to fatal incidents.

Additionally, inadequate upkeep of premises can give rise to structural issues. For example, if a building lacks proper inspection and maintenance, its structural integrity may weaken over time. This can lead to collapses or partial collapses, endangering the lives of individuals inside the premises. These accidents can occur in various settings, such as commercial buildings, residential properties, or public spaces, putting unsuspecting individuals at risk of suffering fatal injuries due to the negligence of maintenance.

Furthermore, poorly maintained premises can also contribute to hazardous environmental conditions that can lead to wrongful deaths. For instance, if toxic substances, such as asbestos or mold, are present in a building and not addressed promptly, they can cause severe health issues, including respiratory problems, lung cancer, or other life-threatening illnesses. 

Neglecting proper maintenance and failing to address such environmental hazards can be seen as negligence on the part of the property owner or those responsible for maintenance, potentially resulting in wrongful deaths of the inhabitants or visitors to the premises.

Common Causes of Premises Liability Wrongful Death Accidents

While wrongful deaths can occur anywhere, some of the most common scenarios include:

  • Escalator and elevator injuries. Elevators can trap people inside, causing panic or heart attacks, and escalators have been known to trap a foot, hand, or limb in the grates, causing severe injuries.
  • Dog bites and animal attacks. Dog attacks and bits injure thousands of people every year in Arizona. Large dog breeds have stronger bites that can cause severe damage and fatal injuries such as punctured organs.
  • Amusement park and fair injuries. Riders can get limbs caught on rides or fall from rides due to negligent maintenance or construction.
  • Drowning in a municipal, hotel, or residential pool. When there is a lack of supervision at a pool, it can lead to patrons fatally drowning at hotels, apartment complexes, daycares, private clubs, and residences.
  • Inadequate security. Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that tenants and visitors alike enjoy a level of security. When an apartment owner or management company ignores red flag safety incidents, they can put visitors and residents at risk of injury or death. In such cases, if the property owner did not take appropriate steps to address and prevent these risks, they could be held accountable for the resulting wrongful death. 
  • Workplace injuries. Hundreds of workplace injuries occur every year in Arizona. They are often caused by a lack of safety precautions by the building owner or maintenance company and can include broken bones, loss of limbs, concussions, and even death.
  • Negligent maintenance. When a property owner fails to address maintenance issues promptly, such as broken or faulty equipment, leaking pipes, or structural defects, it can pose a significant risk to the safety of individuals on the premises. These unresolved issues can escalate and cause accidents, resulting in fatal injuries.

Overall, premises liability wrongful death accidents often occur due to unsafe conditions, inadequate security, or negligent maintenance or repair. It is essential for property owners to prioritize the safety and well-being of visitors, tenants, and the general public by regularly inspecting their premises and taking prompt action to address any potential hazards or maintenance issues. Failing to do so can lead to tragic consequences and legal consequences for the property owner.

Who Can File a Premises Liability Wrongful Death Claim in Arizona

Premises liability refers to the legal concept where a property owner or tenant can be held responsible for accidents or injuries that occur on their premises. When a tragic incident results in the death of an individual due to the negligence or misconduct of a property owner or occupier, a premises liability wrongful death claim can be filed. This legal claim can be pursued by certain individuals who have a legal connection to the deceased.

The first category of individuals who can file a premises liability wrongful death claim is the immediate family members of the deceased. This includes spouses, children, and parents (including adoptive and step-parents) of the deceased. These individuals may have suffered emotional, financial, and other forms of loss due to the death of their loved one, and the claim seeks to compensate them for their damages.

The second category of individuals who can file such a claim is the personal representative or executor of the deceased person’s estate. This representative is typically mentioned in the deceased person’s will or appointed by the court. They are responsible for handling the deceased person’s affairs, including filing lawsuits on behalf of the estate. The claim, in this case, seeks to compensate the estate for losses it has incurred as a result of the wrongful death.

It is important to note that the specific laws surrounding premises liability wrongful death claims may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Therefore, it is crucial for those considering filing such a claim to consult with wrongful death premises liability accident lawyers at Torgenson Law, who are knowledgeable in the laws of Arizona.

Proving Negligence in an Arizona Wrongful Death Premises Liability Cases

Proving negligence in wrongful death premises liability cases can be a complex and challenging process. In such cases, it must be established that the property owner or tenant had a duty to maintain a safe environment for visitors and that they breached that duty, resulting in the death of an individual.

Firstly, it is crucial to demonstrate that a duty of care exists. This means establishing that the defendant had control over the premises and owed a duty to the deceased person to ensure their safety. This duty typically extends to both invitees, such as customers or tenants, and even trespassers in certain circumstances.

Secondly, it must be illustrated that the duty of care was breached. This usually requires showing that the property owner or occupier failed to fulfill their obligation to maintain safe conditions, either by not addressing known hazards or by not taking reasonable steps to identify and fix potential dangers. Evidence such as maintenance records, surveillance footage, or witness testimonies can be critical in establishing this breach of duty.

Lastly, it is necessary to demonstrate a causal connection between the breach of duty and the wrongful death. This means establishing that the hazardous condition or negligent action directly caused the fatal incident and that the death was a foreseeable consequence of the defendant’s negligence. Medical reports, expert opinions, and accident reconstructions can be instrumental in establishing this causal link.

In summary, proving negligence in wrongful death premises liability cases entails establishing the existence of a duty of care, demonstrating the breach of that duty, and showing that the breach caused the death. It is important to gather compelling evidence and enlist the expertise of professionals to build a strong case and ensure justice for the deceased and their loved ones.

When Owners and Occupiers May Not Be Liable in Arizona

In premises wrongful death lawsuits, there are instances when owners and tenants may not be held liable for the unfortunate incident. Primarily, if the tenant had no knowledge of the dangerous condition that resulted in the death and had no reasonable opportunity to discover it, they may not be held responsible. For instance, if a person slips and falls on a freshly spilled liquid in a grocery store aisle, but the spill occurred just moments before the incident, and the staff had no opportunity to clean or address it, the owner or tenant may not be deemed liable.

Additionally, if the victim’s own actions contributed significantly to the incident, the owners or tenants may not be held responsible. This concept is commonly referred to as “comparative negligence” or “contributory negligence.” For example, if a person ignores warning signs and enters a restricted area on a construction site, resulting in their death, the owner or occupier may argue that the victim’s disregard for their own safety contributed substantially to the tragic outcome.

Furthermore, if the incident occurred due to an unforeseeable event or an act of nature that no reasonable person could have anticipated, the owner or tenant may not be held liable. For example, if a tree falls on a person and causes their death during a severe storm, the owner or tenant of the property in question may not be considered accountable since the event was beyond their control.

It’s important to note that wrongful death lawsuits can be complex, and legal interpretations may vary depending on the jurisdiction. Torgenson Law is here to answer all your questions and make sure you understand the process for seeking compensation. Our team includes expert litigators who are skilled at investigating and pursuing wrongful death judgments. We stand by your side until you get justice for your pain and suffering.

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