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What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

September 23, 2016

There are thousands of attorneys in the state of Arizona that practice in the area of personal injury, many of whom aggressively advertise to potential clients. You may see their ads on billboards next to the highway, online, in the phonebook, or on TV, offering you a free consultation and telling you that they will get you the maximum amount of compensation available for your injuries.

With so many options, you may be confused about what qualities to look for in an attorney when you are seeking representation after an accident. Here are some of the issues to consider when choosing a personal injury lawyer.

Past Case Results

While each case is different, it is important to consider how an attorney has resolved cases similar to yours in the past. Personal injury cases that do not go to trial often involve a significant amount of negotiation and those that do require skill in the courtroom to resolve favorably. How a particular lawyer has done in the past may speak to his or her skill in both of these areas.

A Reasonable Fee Arrangement

Most personal injury cases are handled through a contingency fee arrangement, in which the attorney is paid (if at all) a percentage of the total recovery in a case. A typical contingency

fee is one-third of the recovery, but many attorneys use a sliding scale to charge fees depending on how the case is resolved. For example, if a case settles upon the first demand made by your attorney, he or she may charge 20 percent of the settlement amount, while if the case goes to trial, he or she will charge 33 percent of the award.


One of the most common complaints that legal consumers have regarding their lawyers is that they are unable to reach them and that their calls and emails often go unreturned. If you are the type of person who is happy to let someone handle your case and only contact you when it is necessary, accessibility may not be an issue. If you are like most people, however, you would like to be in the loop regarding the status of your case and understand what exactly it is that your attorney is doing for you. Always consider whether a particular attorney seems like he or she would make himself or herself accessible – ask whether you can have their personal cell phone number, their personal email and whether they pick up their own phone or have a secretary or answering service manage their calls.

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