Your Guide to an Injury Free Waste Management Open Weekend

February 11, 2022

For professional golfers like ASU’s own Phil Mickelson and Jon Rahm, the Waste Management Phoenix Open is a golf tournament. From Thursday through Sunday, their minds will be sharp and focused, as they maneuver the fairways and greens of the Scottsdale golf course. The same cannot be said for the spectators that attend this event each year. For them, the Phoenix Open, often dubbed the “Wasted Management” Open, is a party. Nearly, if not more than million people attend the Waste Management Open this weekend. Unlike most golf tournaments where fans might be ejected for even the slightest sound, the Waste Management Open invites its patrons to be as loud and rowdy as possible. Of course, with this raucous atmosphere, comes alcohol consumption akin to that of a football tailgate. However, this tailgate lasts full week, as the gates open to the public Monday morning for the practice round. Accordingly, as Arizona Injury Lawyers, we feel it is our responsibility to remind you to be smart and stay safe during this weekend’s festivities.

Drink Responsibly

First and foremost…if you are attending the Waste Management Open, drink responsibly. The golf tournament provides easy access to rideshare services. There is absolutely no reason and no excuse to drive drunk after a day of drinking at the Waste Management Open. Whether you are following your favorite golfer throughout the day or enjoying the free amenities at the Stadium 16th hole, keep the Valley roadways safe by designating drivers or using rideshares to get you and your friends home safe. As Arizona Injury Lawyers, we fight for Arizona personal injury victims. Please, do not be the reason that others request our legal services.

Drive Cautiously

Of course, if you are driving this weekend, we, at Torgenson Law, ask that you be attentive and mindful on the roads. The Open attracts golf fans from all over the country, so traffic will undoubtedly be heavier considering the out-of-town presence this weekend. Therefore, drive safe, obey traffic laws, and look out for additional traffic hazards, including increased pedestrians as well as drunk drivers.

Protect Yourselves

Finally, do everything you can to protect your rights and interests in the event you are injured. At Torgenson Law, we want everyone to be as safe as possible. However, as experienced Arizona Injury Attorneys, we know that accidents and personal injuries can occur. We also understand the necessity of carrying uninsured (UM) and underinsured (UIM) motorist coverage. While Arizona law requires motorists carry liability insurance, not all do so. Additionally, even those that do, may only carry the minimum required coverage of $25,000 which may be insufficient to cover your personal injury damages. Lastly, many Waste Management Open spectators will be from out-of-state, so they too may not have applicable vehicle insurance coverage that would compensate you for your personal injuries after an accident. Therefore, do what you can to protect yourselves by purchasing the appropriate UM and UIM plans for your vehicles.

Call Torgenson Law

When the fun and games turn to pain and suffering, we are here to fight for the just compensation you deserve. So, if you suffer a personal injury, please give your Arizona Injury Lawyers a call for a free consultation at (602) 726-0747.

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