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7 Things You Didn’t Know about Personal Injury Lawyers

August 15, 2015

1.  We don’t chase ambulances.  As much as it would probably be good for business, it is unethical (yep, we have an ethical code) for Arizona injury lawyers to directly solicit to injured people to whom they are not acquainted until 30 days from the date of injury.  This is a double-edged sword, honestly.  Insurance companies try to pounce on the injured victim before they contact a lawyer because the insurance companies know that when an injured person works with an Arizona personal injury, the value of the claim skyrockets and the injured person gets more money in their pocket.

2.  We hate seeing people get hurt.  We don’t sit around hoping for our friends and families to get into car accidents.  Just like I hope that my mechanic is not rooting for my car to break down or my dentist isn’t rooting for me to crack a tooth.  We treat every client with honesty and integrity.  Hopefully our hard work will cause you to think of us the next time that you need legal help.  All we do hope for is that if you or someone you love is injured, you trust us to treat them right and help them though their personal injury case.

3.  We are obligated to pay medical providers first and foremost out of a personal injury settlement or judgment.  Yes.  Even if you have health insurance, we have to pay back the hospitals a big chunk of your settlement. Arizona has a law that allows hospitals and other medical providers to get the difference between their sticker price and the contracted amount with the health insurance company.  This one normally shocks our clients and makes our lives as Tempe personal injury lawyers a lot harder.

4.  We have to pay back your health insurance company too.  In 2013, the Supreme Court agreed with big health plans that they should be able to seek to be reimbursed from any injury judgment or settlement.  Some personal injury lawyers just roll over and pay the health insurance company whatever they want.  At Torgenson Law, we always make the health plan prove that it complied with federal statute and is actually entitled to be reimbursed, and we negotiate with the health plan to get you the most money we can in your pocket.

5.  Resolving cases is not easy… We really fight for you.  Some people think that Phoenix personal injury attorneys have an easy job.  They think that insurance companies just write checks without much thought.  In most cases, we have to fight for months to get fair compensation for our clients. Every dollar that we obtain for our clients comes from the bottom line of a big insurance company.  Investigating claims, interviewing witnesses, explaining medical damages and arguing for pain and suffering is not for the faint of heart.  As Arizona personal injury attorneys, we proudly take on this fight for our clients.

6.  We will talk to you for free.  Prospective clients are often intimidated and afraid of calling our office.  They’ve heard about personal injury lawyers charging a fee for an attorney consultation and/or highly pressure them to sign up without thought.  We have never charged a penny for talking to someone about a potential case and we never will.  We treat everyone who calls our office with integrity, honesty, and compassion.  We understand how scary it is to face a personal injury case alone.

7.  You will almost always get more money in your pocket hiring an Arizona personal injury lawyer. You will almost always do better hiring a lawyer rather than trying to handle your injury claim by yourself.  Claims adjusters are trained to settle cases as quickly as possible with unrepresented people.  Truly – we have confirmed this.  They actually have a script in front of them for when you tell them that you are looking at hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you.    They know that they have the upper hand because they have armies of attorneys working for them.  Don’t let them take advantage of you.

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