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3 Vital Lessons for a Healthy and Safe Summer Week

June 2, 2015

As Arizona Personal Injury Lawyers, one of our missions is to keep Arizona citizens and visitors to our state safe.

As part of our commitment, our Torgenson Blog Arizona Injury Corner will review 3 of the most significant injury stories from the past week to bring awareness to and, hopefully, help our readers avoid similar personal injuries.

1.     Don’t Hang Out Of Sunroofs While The Car Is Moving:  Seriously.  Not making light of this at all.  Kids in cars make some reckless decisions.  On Thursday, May 28, in Oak Creek, 2 kids were airlifted to Flagstaff Medical Center and 2 kids were strapped to backboards and transported to Verde Valley Medical Center after the front seat passenger fell onto the driver after hanging out of the sunroof, causing the driver to lose control of his vehicle.  It rolled and landed upside-down.  JT:  Thank goodness nothing more serious happened.  Understand, the summer months are brutal for car and truck accidents.  Especially for teenagers.  They are out of school, free, and on the roads more.  Set driving limits on your kids, have rules on how many people can ride with them, and stick to it.  Keep your kids safe. 

2.     Keep An Eye Out For Emergency Vehicles:  On Sunday evening, May 28, a truck allegedly went around traffic that was stopped for a Peoria Fire Department vehicle near 75th and Grand Avenues and hit it head-on.  Two firefighters were injured and taken to the emergency room.  No serious personal injuries were reported.  JT:  Emergency responders have important jobs to do.  They need to drive carefully, and you need to pay attention and give them the right-away.  Certainly don’t get impatient and drive into them.  Just be patient.  This, too, shall pass.  And, you shall be safe. 

3.     Never Leave The Scene Of A Car Accident.  Never Ends Well.  Just Yesterday, in Mesa, a truck “T-boned” a white sedan, leading to the wrongful death of a 70 year-old woman riding in the passenger seat of the car.  JT:  Then, the cowards in the truck ran.  On foot.  Mesa PD will likely capture them and bring them to justice.  Hopefully, the woman’s family will also successfully make a claim against the truck driver for this senseless wrongful death.

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As always, please be careful out there.  Arizona car accidents and nationwide car accidents increase during these summer months.  Be smart.  Be diligent.  Pay attention.  Don’t rush.  Be mindful.  Be present.  If you ever need us as your Arizona personal injury attorneys, give us a call.  (602) 726-0747.

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