Arizona DPS Cracking Down on Three Bad Habits

August 4, 2015

On July 27, Arizona DPS announced it would be cracking down on three specific traffic violations that are known to cause car crash injuries.  The move comes in response to a recent spike in car crashes and deaths in the Phoenix Metro area.  For most of the last decade, Arizona State Troopers have been advised to write a lot of warnings for typical traffic violations and provide a lot of friendly education, according to DPS Director Frank Milstead (as reported by

For the foreseeable future, Arizona State Troopers are going to be out in force and writing tickets for the following:

1)     “Borderline” speeding

2)     Following other drivers too closely

3)     Failing to wear a seatbelt

Interestingly, Milstead did not specifically mention texting while driving, despite its known danger and likelihood to cause serious personal injuries.  This is likely because Arizona does not have a law on the books that specifically bans texting while driving.  46 of 50 states have already passed some kind of legislation, but the Arizona state legislature has been reluctant to follow suit.

We already know that at least 25% (and maybe up to 40%) of all car crashes are caused by drivers that are distracted by their cell phones (National Safety Council March 25, 2015 News Release).  But despite this knowledge, Arizona lawmakers have refused to pass needed laws to keep Arizona drivers safe.

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