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Hot Temperatures and How They Affect Driving in Arizona

May 26, 2022 By John Torgenson

Phoenix summers are notorious for being extremely brutal. As we speed towards the summer months, temperatures rise, as do people’s tempers. Ongoing research as to why hot weather fuels crashes, in general, seems to point to the same factors. Specifically, researchers observe a correlation between warm weather and an increase in violent behavior. 

When temperatures are at their highest, aggressive driving behavior, such as horn honking and general road rage also spike. This correlation between high temperatures and aggressive behavior is referred to as the heat hypothesis. This hypothesis suggests that high temperatures can affect a variety of actions, and increase feelings of hostility and aggressive thoughts. Understandably, aggression can

Another factor that also plays a significant role in how the summer weather can directly cause motor vehicle crashes is sun glare. In the cloudless Phoenix skies, sun glare isn’t just irritating; it can be extremely hazardous. Sun glare can temporarily blind a person for a few seconds, which is more than enough time to cause a serious crash on busy roadways. Drivers should wear sunglasses and use their visors to make sure the vision remains clear at all times. 

As Arizona’s Injury Lawyers with years of experience handling personal injury cases, we know first hand how harmful aggressive driving can be. So, as the temperatures rise, similar to staying cool and hydrated, keeping a calm and level head when driving is essential to enjoying a safe and active summer. In addition, it is vital that you take necessary precautions to decrease the influence that the beating sun may have on your visibility. Of course, even in the extreme heat, if you are involved a motor vehicle collision, remember: (1) Get to safety, (2) call 911, (3) exchange information with other drivers, (4) take photographs, (5) beware of the at-fault parties insurance company, and (6) ALWAYS give your Arizona Injury Lawyers a call, so we can review your case.

We know that dealing with the aftermath of a motor vehicle crash can be frustrating and confusing. Our Phoenix injury lawyers at Torgenson Law, are always ready to speak with you about your potential claim, review your insurance policy, or otherwise investigate possible avenues of recovery. Call us today at (602) 726-0747. 

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