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Arizona Injury Corner: Little Boy on Life Support After Drowning

May 30, 2018 By John Torgenson

As Arizona Personal Injury Lawyers, one of our missions is to keep Arizona citizens and visitors to our state safe. Summers always see an increase in personal injuries.  More kids out of school with free time on their hands, more families traveling.  Our goal is to keep Arizona personal injuries to a minimum.  We do that through education.

As part of our commitment, our Torg Blog Arizona Injury Corner will review 3 of the most significant injury stories from the past week to bring awareness to and, hopefully, help our readers avoid similar personal injuries.

1.     BUY UIM/UM INSURANCE – EVERYONE – ESPECIALLY MOTORCYCLISTS:  This morning, Loop 202 Westbound was closed after 7:00 AM when a silver Dodge hauling a trailer ran over a motorcycle that had fallen into the HOV lane.  The truck ran over the motorcycle, which was lodged under the truck and burst into flames.  As Phoenix, Arizona personal injury attorneys, we are always happy when our clients protect themselves and get UIM/UM Insurance.  JT:  What a scary scene on a Monday morning.  I hope both drivers are okay.  Initial reports say that the motorcyclist is hospitalized in stable condition.  This exhibits the importance of every single driver on our roads purchasing underinsured/uninsured insurance.  Call your insurance agent TODAY and get a quote.   http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/tempe/2015/06/22/tempe-loop-202-wreck-abrk/29103237/

2.     PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WATCH KIDS EVERY SECOND AROUND WATER.  PLEASE.  On Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21, a six-year-old boy nearly drowned in a backyard pool in Maryvale.  The family was gathering the kids to take a swim when they realized the child had fallen into the pool.  He was put on advanced life support and rushed to the hospital.     JT:  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch any child around a pool.  Get a pool fence.  Torgenson Law will help by donating $300 toward any pool fence installed in the month of June.  Just send me your invoice.  Homeowners insurance polices may help the family with medical bills, depending on the circumstances.    http://www.fox10phoenix.com/story/29371950/2015/06/21/boy-in-critical-condition-after-drowning-call

3.     THIRD VERSE, SAME AS THE FIRST.  BUY UIM/UM INSURANCE TODAY.  On Friday, June 19, Sgt. Kimberly Bell with the Tucson Police Department stopped Donald Terry.  The officers learned he was as suspect in an ongoing felony investigation.  Terry rammed 3 other cars in the Walgreen’s parking lot where he was stopped.  The officers shot at Terry, who drove off, hit another car, then collided into more cars at 6th and Ajo, where 9 vehicles were involved.  Four people from the crashes were taken to the hospital.  Terry was arrested.  JT:  This is a blatant example of the NECESSITY of UIM/UM Insurance here in Arizona.  It is the only way that you can protect you and your family.  Here, I highly doubt that Terry had enough car insurance to pay for all of the damage he caused, so people will be left high and dry unless they have UIM/UM Insurance.  Truly, call your agent today and get it.  Very reasonable and necessary.  http://www.scrippsmedia.com/kgun9/news/Officer-involved-shooting-four-car-accident-on-southside-308493161.html

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As always, please be careful out there.  Arizona car accidents and nationwide car accidents increase during these summer months.  Be smart.  Be diligent.  Pay attention.  Don’t rush.  Be mindful.  Be present.  If you ever need us as your Tempe personal injury attorneys, give us a call.  (602) 726-0747.

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John Torgenson

John Torgenson is a highly experienced personal injury lawyer with over 20 years of practice in Arizona. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and his Juris Doctor from Notre Dame. John has a proven track record of securing substantial verdicts and settlements, including an $8.25 million recovery for a gunshot injury victim. His expertise has earned him AVVO ratings and recognition as a Super Lawyer.

John is also a sought-after lecturer on personal injury law, sharing his extensive knowledge with peers and aspiring attorneys. Beyond his legal practice, John is an avid golfer and actively supports organizations like the Military Assistance Mission, Arizona School for the Arts, Page Balloon Regatta, University of Arizona Foundation, Junior Achievement of Arizona, and the Tim Huff Pro Bono Golf Classic.

Passionate about advocating for injury victims, John dedicates his career to battling insurance companies and corporate interests, ensuring that the rights of those who are hurt are vigorously defended.