Don’t Know If It’s A Personal Injury Matter? These 4 Tips Can Help

April 15, 2016

Injuries happen every day, and when they happen to you it can be a life changing experience that leaves you dealing with the ramifications. It is at these moments that some may feel dazed and confused as to whether or not they may have a personal injury situation on their hands. Knowing whether you have a personal injury case on your hands is important before you begin to pursue litigation. Here are four tips from us that can help you figure out whether you have a personal injury matter:

1.    The Other Party Is At Fault. For you to have a personal injury case the injury that you received needs to have been a direct result of the choices of another party. The negligence of the person at fault is a big part in whether or not you have a personal injury suit.

2.    Seek Medical Help Right Away. Whether your injury is severe or could be life threatening it is important to seek medical help as soon as possible. Have a medical professional diagnose your injury and keep the medical records for the future lawsuit. Waiting too long after the accident can hurt your case by the argument of whether or not you were injured in that specific accident.

3.    Seek Out Witnesses. If your incident happened in a public area then it is possible that there may have been witnesses. Try to seek them out and ask them if they are comfortable making a statement on what has transpired. It can be argued in court that the victim cannot recall what happened correctly because they were too emotional. One witness can make a great asset for your case.

4.    Did The Injury Affect Your Daily Life? Another aspect of being properly compensated in a personal injury matter is if you have personally suffered because of the injury. Did you have to miss work to go to medical appointments? Are you restricted from physical exercise due to the injury? Did you miss out on enjoyment of life? Whether it is physically, emotionally, or financially it is important to prove how the accident and its aftermath affected you.

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Any injury you suffer because of the negligence of another party is a traumatic experience and you should be properly taken care of. It is important to know that not every injury you suffer is a personal injury case. Review this list if you are ever unsure and give us a call at (602) 726-0747. You will need aggressive personal injury lawyers to make sure you are fully compensated for the injuries you have suffered.