DPS’s Eye In The Sky: What Does This Mean For You?

DPS’s Eye In The Sky: What Does This Mean For You? Featured Image

The Arizona Department of Public Safety has recently enlisted the help of drones to help them in collision investigations throughout the Valley. The Arizona Department of Public Safety modeled the drones after their own department aircraft in hopes that these tiny machines will help conduct investigations, including crashes with personal injuries, in a faster and more thorough way.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety has dozens of drone pilots in training and hopes to train dozens more. These drones work by creating a Google Maps type image of the entire car crash scene. That image can be measured, scaled, and GPS pinned, making information gathered from the drones the most accurate measure of what truly happened at the scene of the crash. The aerial view also provides detectives with a unique perspective that they would not otherwise have from the ground, making the investigation substantially more accurate but a lot less expensive than dispatching helicopters.

How can this help your personal injury case? Well, there is no specific formula to what makes a personal injury case successful, but there are certain factors that can help or hurt your claim. Police reports, pictures of the scene, and witness statements are all crucial to the success of a personal injury claim. All things considered, it is often difficult for officers to get a clear image of what occurred before they made it on the scene of the crash. These drones are reportedly hundreds of times more detailed than people and further contribute much more accurate information regarding traffic crashes and other incidents.

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