Arizona’s Strict Laws for Pet-Related Injuries

April 11, 2019

At Torgenson Law, we love pets.  Caesar, our firm mascot, comes to work every day eager to fight for those who suffer personal injuries. Caesar is the epitome of a “good boy,” but at times, his dogged desire to fight for personal injury victims can bring out his guard dog mentality. So, when clients or the postal service stops by our office, we have to keep an eye on Caesar to make sure he behaves himself around unfamiliar faces. Why? Because as Arizona Injury Lawyers, we know that Arizona’s dog bite laws are among the most strict in the country.

Arizona’s Dog Bite Statute

Like most states, Arizona has a statute that enforces liability on a dog owner if his or her dog bites someone. Specifically, ARS § 11-1025 imposes liability on the dog’s owner if the animal bites another person. For the purposes of this statute, an owner is anyone who keeps the dog for more than six consecutive days. Thus, individuals who are merely caring for the dog can be held liable if the dog causes personal injuries. Most homeowners and renters insurance policies provide liability coverage for dog bite related injuries up to a certain amount. If you are bitten, gather information regarding the dog owner or keeper’s insurance policy to find out if your injuries will be covered.

Arizona Applies Strict Liability to Dog Bite Claims

In the U.S., there are generally two types of dog bite statutes. Some states have “one-bite” statutes. These laws only impose liability on a homeowner if they knew their dog was predisposed to aggression or biting. However, Arizona applies strict liability to all dog bites. Under Arizona’s strict liability statute, a dog owner will be liable for dog bite injuries regardless of dog’s breed or its aggressive or peaceful nature. So, even if the animal has no history of biting, the dog owner will still be liable if the dog bites someone and causes damages.

Other Pets May Be “At Fault” Too

While dogs may be “man’s best friend,” they are not the only types of pets that can cause personal injuries. Pet owners with cats, birds, snakes, livestock, or other animals, may be liable for injuries caused by the animals in or around their home. For these reasons, it is important for you to reach out to experienced Arizona Injury Lawyers, like Torgenson Law, if you or a loved one suffers injuries due to an animal attack, bite, or scratch.

At Torgenson Law, we love animals, especially our firm mascot Caesar. However, we are also well aware of the significant damages that can result from a dog bites or other animal attacks. As Arizona Injury Lawyers, it is our duty to use our legal knowledge and experience to fight for those who are wrongly injured. If you or a loved one suffers injuries, call us at (602) 726-0747 for a free consultation regarding your personal injury rights.

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