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Embarking on the Waste Management Phoenix Open?

February 3, 2017 By John Torgenson

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is unlike any golf tournament you have been to, or will go to. With an estimated attendance of 500,000, the tournament undermines golf’s persona as a safe, mind-numbing day in the park. Simply stating it, the Open is the loudest, and wildest tournament the PGA has to offer. Sometimes nicknamed the “Wasted Open” I do not think you would be wrong to compare the WM Phoenix Open to one of the biggest parties on earth. Celebrities of all kinds will be in attendance, some of the biggest names in music entertainment will be performing, and of course, extracurricular action in the stands – booze and boos. As Arizona Personal Injury Attorneys, we fill as if it is our responsibility to provide our readers with just a few safety tips and things to remember before embarking on this weekend’s extravaganza.

  • Drive With Care: There will be a few thousand additional weekend drivers flooding the streets and highways of North Scottsdale this weekend, many of whom are out-of-towners.  Plan on taking alternate routes and avoid auto accidents by knowing where the highest concentration of traffic will occur. We ask that all of you drive safely, obey traffic laws and be aware of temporary traffic signs as well as pedestrians.  This will help you to avoid an Arizona personal injury lawyer’s office next week.
  • Consume Alcohol Responsibly: While the drunken crowds have been slightly sobered by increased security and stricter rules on alcohol sales, your Arizona Injury Attorneys would like to remind everyone to drink responsibly (if you choose to drink at all). For those who do plan to indulge in alcohol consumption, remember to arrange for an alternate source of transportation. Torgenson Law wants to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable WMO experience. If you are considering any funny business, WHICH WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE, you should be aware that the city of Scottsdale announced an increase in DUI patrols and checkpoints over the weekend.  Plus, drinking and driving leads to horrible things, including arrests, deaths, and personal injuries.
  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings: There are a few things I would like to touch on in regards to this topic:
    • First, is the fact that I would be making an understatement to say that the Phoenix Open has a history of overzealous spectators and rowdy behavior. Even though improvements have been made, it only takes one obnoxious fan to ruin the day for thirty others around him. With that said, please remember to be patient, mindful, and courteous of those around you. If you see something, say something! Report any crime or questionable behavior to security personnel right away.
    • Secondly, Torgenson Law reminds everyone to avoid a personal injury by watching out for errant golf shots. Even the best of the best make mistakes. Heck, even Tiger Woods shanked a golf ball into the crowd last year!
  • Be Prepared: Hydrate prior to and during the event, wear lots of sunscreen and weather-appropriate clothing i.e hats, sunglasses, and walking shoes. Be mindful of where you’re carrying your valuables and remember to lock your car doors! On that note, absolutely do not leave purses and other valuables in plain sight. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, in most cases, thieves will not steal what they cannot see.

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John Torgenson

After high school, John attended the University of Utah, graduating in 2001. John then attended his dream school, Notre Dame Law School, where he graduated, with honors, in 2004. John is licensed to fight in court for real people in the State of Arizona, the United States Federal District Court of Arizona, and the 9th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

Before establishing what is now Torgenson Law, John practiced in the litigation group at Fennemore Craig, the oldest law firm in Arizona, and one of the largest firms in the Southwest. Having practiced at Fennemore Craig in both the defense and plaintiff’s practice areas gives John a complete perspective of the litigation process, and valuable insight into how to efficiently and effectively advance his clients’ interests. His unique and balanced background enhances his credibility with defense lawyers, insurers, and defendants as well as with judges and arbitrators.