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Tips To Ensure A Safe and Memorable Spring Season

March 10, 2017 By John Torgenson

While much of the country is still thawing from cold winters, Arizona natives are enjoying the best time of the year – spring. The spring months mean blue skies with highs in the 70s and 80s, shorts and tank-tops, spring-training baseball, great golf, lake days, road trips, convertibles, motorcycles, bicycles, hiking, and all outdoor activities of the like. Regardless of the adventure you’re preparing for, your local Arizona Injury Attorneys at Torgenson Law wish everybody a safe and memorable spring season. Keep these tips in mind to reduce your risk of hazard and personal injury.

Road Trip Tips to Avoid an Auto Accident:

Snowbirds, spring breakers, and local travelers inundate Arizona roads and highways with increased levels of traffic. Unfortunately, with more drivers on the road, the risk of auto accidents and personal injury increases. So, if you will be road tripping this spring, here is what you need to know:

  • Ensure that your vehicle is in good and proper working condition. Get a tune up before your road trip – have your tires, fluids, belts, brakes and AC inspected by a qualified mechanic you can trust.
  • Roads trips are exciting but they often involve minimal sleep, and that is dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, exhaustion is a contributing factor to 100,000 motor vehicle accidents yearly. Be sure to get a good night sleep prior to driving long distances and switch drivers every few hours as needed.
  • Distractions – eliminate them. It is a well-known fact that distracted drivers are responsible for thousands of accidents, personal injuries, and fatalities each year. Texting is not the only form of distraction when behind the wheel. Distractions may also include eating while driving, using navigation systems, talking to passengers, driving while simultaneously looking through luggage, and adjusting the radio. If there are passengers in the car, let them perform these activities while you focus on the road.

Lake Day Fundamentals: Arizona is home to nearly 200 lakes and reservoirs, making lake days a great springtime activity for families and friends. Whether you’re boating, fishing, jet skiing or camping, remember these tips:

  • Check the local weather before you head out and avoid taking any risks – It is extremely hazardous to be on any body of water during stormy and windy conditions.
  • When operating watercraft, use common sense. The rules and regulations on the water are minimal in comparison to the rules and regulations of the road. Make sure operators are sober and alert. Steer clear of larger vessels and watercraft that are limited in their ability to turn and stop – Remember, boats do not have brakes. Be mindful of buoys and other navigational aids, they are there for your own safety!
  • Use life vests appropriately; they could save your life!
  • According to the law, the operator of a watercraft has a legal duty of care, meaning an obligation to drive the boat in a manner that would guarantee safety to the passengers and other watercraft nearby. If you are injured as a result of a negligent operator, contact your Arizona Injury Attorneys.

Stay Safe In The Sun: With all the outdoor fun that Arizona springtime brings with it, it is easy to forget the basics. So, if you are going hiking, playing golf, attending a spring training game, or anything of the like, remember to:

  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day. Sports drinks are also a great way to ensure that you are consuming electrolytes.
  • Phoenix is referred to as the Valley of The Sun for a reason, and as such, apply sunscreen, and apply it often. If you are from out of town, your skin may not be used to the intensity of the sun and thus you may be more susceptible to burns.
  • Be aware of your surroundings! If you’re hiking, look out for critters, snakes, scorpions, and even cacti (cholla cacti in particular). If attending a baseball game or playing golf, look out for flying objects!

 Motorcycle and Bicycle Basics: As Arizona personal injury lawyers, we know how dangerous the roads can be for bicyclists and motorcycle aficionados, especially during the spring season when they flood the streets. The addition of new motorcyclists and bicyclists in Arizona could result in a spike in personal injury situations. Here are some tips to keep safe and have a good time rather than facing personal injuries.

  • Be visible; drivers have trouble seeing and reacting to motorcycles and bicycles on time. Be sure that your headlights work and wear reflective clothing to reduce the chances of a personal injury matter happening to you. Be aware of the potential blind spots of cars and trucks and keep visible at all times.
  • Dress Appropriately. Wear a helmet that is made of a good quality to go along with thick full sleeve clothing. If riding a motorcycle, wear pants over shorts, as the only thing between you and the road is the protective gear that you wear. This could decrease the severity of personal injury that may befall you.
  • Drive Defensively. Give yourself space and time to respond to the drivers around you as well as giving the drivers time to respond to you. Try and avoid weaving between lanes and always signal your next move in advance.
  • Check Your Blind Spots Often. Regardless if you’re a motorcyclist or a bicyclist, it is important for you to regularly check your blind spots. Before changing lanes always turn to both blind spots and be sure that a vehicle isn’t in that position. Remember that we all share the road and we need to look out for each other.

If an Arizona personal injury situation unfortunately arises this spring, you will need aggressive personal injury lawyers fighting for you. Call Torgenson Law today at (602) 726-0747 for a free consultation. Your local Arizona Injury Attorneys wish everyone a safe and enjoyable spring season.

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John Torgenson

John Torgenson is a highly experienced personal injury lawyer with over 20 years of practice in Arizona. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and his Juris Doctor from Notre Dame. John has a proven track record of securing substantial verdicts and settlements, including an $8.25 million recovery for a gunshot injury victim. His expertise has earned him AVVO ratings and recognition as a Super Lawyer.

John is also a sought-after lecturer on personal injury law, sharing his extensive knowledge with peers and aspiring attorneys. Beyond his legal practice, John is an avid golfer and actively supports organizations like the Military Assistance Mission, Arizona School for the Arts, Page Balloon Regatta, University of Arizona Foundation, Junior Achievement of Arizona, and the Tim Huff Pro Bono Golf Classic.

Passionate about advocating for injury victims, John dedicates his career to battling insurance companies and corporate interests, ensuring that the rights of those who are hurt are vigorously defended.