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EMERGENCY BULLETIN: Driver in Black Sedan Wanted

June 10, 2015

Yesterday, right down the street from our Arizona Personal Injury Law Firm, a woman is fighting for her life after being knocked out of her shoes by a black or dark-colored sedan.  This poor woman was walking in the crosswalk at 5th Avenue and McDowell when a coward critically injured her, and then kept on driving.

As a human being, I take this personal.  This sickens me.  As a neighborhood business owner, I take this personal. It disgusts me.  Not in my neighborhood.  Finally, as a Phoenix, Arizona Personal Injury attorney, I am hoping that the coward is caught, prosecuted criminally, and held accountable for this woman’s pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.

When will people take personal responsibility for their negligence?  The last 2 Personal Injury Corner Articles cited hit-and-run killers.  Let’s hope this woman, who was just pushing her shopping cart across the street in a crosswalk, makes it.  We here at Torgenson Law are pulling for her recovery.  This trend of people killing and maiming people and then running is all to common and increasing.  It is cowardly. Back into personal injury lawyer mode:  ONE PIECE OF ADVICE:  Call your insurance agent today and get UM/UIM insurance.  This is UNINSURED/UNDERINSURED insurance.  It works as follows:  If this coward is not found, the woman who was hit can pursue her own UM insurance policy.  Understand?  The driver is UNINSURED because he or she ran.  There is no insurance, so this poor woman was hit by an UNINSURED driver. This can mean hundreds of thousands, if not a million dollars to help her compensate for her personal injuries and medical bills.  ANYONE WHO READS THIS AND EMAILS ME YOUR INSURANCE DECLARATION PAGE (jtorgenson@torgensonlaw.com) SHOWING THAT YOU HAVE UM/UIM INSURANCE WILL RECEIVE A TORGENSON LAW MUG & INSURANCE DOCUMENT HOLDER FOR YOUR GLOVE BOX IN THE MAIL.  I want every driver to have UM/UIM insurance, and this is just another tragic reminder of how important that insurance is.

Here is to hoping she fights for her life successfully.  We are thinking of her.

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If you know anything about what happened on that corner Tuesday, June 9 in the afternoon, call the Phoenix Police Department at 602-262-6151 or Silent Witness at either 480-WITNESS (948-6377) or 1-800-343-TIPS (8477).  Spanish speakers may call 480-TESTIGO (837-8446).