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Arizona Injury Corner: Weekly News Round-Up

June 9, 2015

As Arizona Personal Injury Lawyers, one of our missions is to keep Arizona citizens and visitors to our state safe. Summers always see an increase in personal injuries.  More kids out of school with free time on their hands, more families traveling.

As part of our commitment, our Torg Blog Arizona Injury Corner will review 3 of the most significant injury stories from the past week to bring awareness to and, hopefully, help our readers avoid similar personal injuries.

1.     NEVER LEAVE THE SCENE OF A CAR OR MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT:  Yesterday morning, Dr. Robert Arceci, an excellent, caring, pediatric cancer doctor at Phoenix Children’s Hospital was killed when a landscaping truck hit him.  The coward driving the landscaping truck ran.  The passengers in the truck were left at the scene.  JT:  What a loss for the medical community here in Phoenix.  Dr. Arceci was a respected and renowned pediatric cancer researcher as well as a caring doctor.  I hope his family, while trying to make it through this tragedy, understands the significance of UIM/UM insurance for his wrongful death as well as all insurance coverages available to them.  Rest In Peace, Doctor.  http://www.azfamily.com/story/29271230/friends-colleagues-mourn-valley-doctor-killed-in-crash?autostart=true

2.     WATCH KIDS EVERY SECOND AROUND WATER.  On Sunday, June 7, a one-year-old boy was found floating face down in his grandparent’s pool.  His older brother came into the house to tell his father that his brother was in the pool.  The dad performed CPR until paramedics arrived.  The boy was ultimately okay.  JT:  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch any child around a pool.  Get a pool fence.  Torgenson Law will help by donating $300 toward any pool fence installed in the month of June.  Just send me your invoice.  Also, excellent job by the dad to know CPR.  Families should take CPR classes together.  Saves lives.  As we all know, your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover incidents around your house, including your pool.  Ref: previously posted article on http://www.fox10phoenix.com/story/29260470/2015/6/8/boy-nearly-drowns-in-backyard-pool

3.     WHEN CAMPING & HIKING, ALWAYS STAY ALERT, HYDRATED, AND TOGETHER.  Where’s Morgan?  Morgan Heimer, a River Guide with Tour West, went missing on June 2 while working on a commercial river trip in the Grand Canyon.  The six-day search revealed no signs of Morgan.  The search has been called off.  JT:  This one hits home to me.  As a Grand Canyon River Guide for the past 18 years, this is baffling.  How does a guide just go missing on a hike?  Was he dehydrated?  He was last seen wearing his life jacket, so that is a good thing.  Here’s hoping this one comes out positive for Morgan and his family. Ref: previously posted article on http://www.fox10phoenix.com/story/29273003/search-for-missing-grand-canyon-tour-guide-scaled-back

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As always, please be careful out there.  Arizona car accidents and nationwide car accidents increase during these summer months.  Be smart.  Be diligent.  Pay attention.  Don’t rush.  Be mindful.  Be present.  If you ever need us as your Arizona personal injury attorneys, give us a call.  (602) 726-0747.