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Summer Time Fun and Pool Safety Tips

May 26, 2016

Summer time is coming and that means sunshine, and a lot of it, hot, hot, hot weather, and of course, pool parties, swimming, and sunbathing. With this in mind, the perfect oasis for summer-time recreation and relaxation is often found in waterparks and near swimming pools. Whether private or public, the wet surfaces and unforgiving concrete pool decks of these facilities can provide hazards for a slip and fall injury. A few of the most common pool related slip and fall injuries include the following:

  • Slipping on a diving board and landing on the board or another surface such as the pool deck following the fall.
  •  Injuring the head and/or extremities against the side or bottom of a pool following a slip and fall into the shallow end of a pool.
  • Injuries to the head, neck, spine and/or extremities as a result of a slip and fall occurring on a swimming pool deck.

While such injuries are rare in relation to the number of individuals and families actually visiting pools and waterparks during the summer, there has already been 40 reported water related incidents in Maricopa and Pinal Counties from January 1, 2016 – May 20, 2016. That being said, it is important for pool owners to recognize that under the premise liability theory, they may be held responsible for any injuries that occur in or around their pools. Yikes! So, while there is no way to avoid accidents completely, listed below are some basic precautions to ensure that friends and family stay safe while enjoying pool time:

  • Install Barriers. Studies show that four-sided fencing around pools reduces drowning by roughly 80 percent in comparison to pools safeguarded by three sided fences.
  • Maintain Surfaces.  Repair all surface defects immediately, including holes, divots, and cracks. Be cognitive of concrete sidewalks and walkways as they tend to shift up or down over time. Any changes in elevation to an area greater than one inch should be marked and repaired.
  • Pick Up. Be sure to remove debris and objects so that walkways are free from obstacles and tripping hazards.
  • Federal and State Regulations. Has your pool or spa been inspected to ensure that it is compliant with local and federal laws and regulations?
  • Non-Slip. Be sure that poolside walkways are properly sealed and covered with adequate traction and non-slip finishes.
  • Warning Signs. Install warning signs that notify guests of potential hazards.

 Environments surrounding water make for great summer-time activities for individuals and families alike. Under the unfortunate circumstance in which an injury does occur in or around another’s pool, the landowner or business proprietor may be liable. If the injury is the result of inadequate care or the failure to follow safety regulations, a personal injury claim for negligence may be made.   In such a scenario, be sure to take the following steps if you are able to:

  • Document The Evidence. If possible write down the names and contact information of any and all potential witnesses. Also, be sure to take photographs of the accident scene from different angles as well as any related pool equipment that may have contributed to the injury.
  • Document Your Injury and The Events. As soon as it is practical, obtain any documents surrounding the incident including but not limited to: incident reports, medical records, treatment, lost work time, pain and suffering, restrictions from daily activities, and any expenses relating to the injury.
  • Contact an Experienced Arizona Injury Attorney.

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