The Bus Strike Affecting Your Commute? 3 Tips to Get To Work Safely

January 15, 2016

The Phoenix bus strike has been affecting many travelers lately as it enters its seventh day. Riders have had to find different ways to work, school, and/or to run errands. A change of routine causes people to take alternative routes and travel in unfamiliar areas. If your schedule has been affected by the bus strike here are some tips for other transportation options as well as ways to stay safe if you are taking different routes.

Know Your Safest Route to Work. For many people, the change of routine with the bus strike has made them take different routes to work. Be sure to map out the new route you are going to take and travel cautiously. Give yourself extra time to get to your destination.

Try Other Forms Of Transportation. If you happen to live near a light rail stop you can still ride those as they come every 12 minutes. If that is not an accessible option for you, try carpooling with a co-worker or visit for carpool and van information. If all else fails you can call a taxi or arrange an Uber.

Work From Home. If your employer allows it, try working from home a few days to cut back on the costs of taking an Uber or taxi to and from work every day.

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The bus strikes are inconvenient for everyone involved so be sure you minimize the amount of problems this may cause you by following these tips. If you do happen to have a personal injury matter while traveling to your workplace or school you will need aggressive lawyers. Give Torgenson Law a call today at (602) 759–0012.