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Four essential questions to safeguard your family’s injury case

July 28, 2015

As Arizona personal injury lawyers, we always strive to inform the public about meaningful matters that can keep their families safe and protected.  As part of our commitment, our Torg Blog Arizona Personal Injury Corner reviews significant injury stories from the past week to increase awareness and help Arizona residents take part in their own survival.

Horrific Rollover Crash on Interstate 10.  On Sunday afternoon, a Chevrolet Tahoe carrying nine passengers was traveling eastbound on Interstate 10 when one of its tires separated.  The vehicle spun out of control, crossed the median and cable barriers, and ended up upside-down in the westbound lanes of I-10.  Sadly, two people died at the scene, and the other passengers had significant injuries.  This I-10 car crash closed the westbound lanes of the highway for hours on Sunday afternoon.

Fatal Car Crash on State Route 74.  On Sunday evening, a two-car crash on State Route 74 claimed one life near Lake Pleasant.  Six elderly people travelling together were seriously injured in a car crash with a single-occupant vehicle.  All seven people were transported to a local hospital. Unfortunately, one person died as a result of the car crash.

These two horrifying and tragic cases are more examples of why carrying substantial car insurance is vital.  Here are the four important questions you must ask your auto insurance agent to ensure you and your family are protected:

1. Do I Have Uninsured Motorist Coverage?  In Arizona, about 10% of drivers carry no car insurance.  Should one of these drivers injure you in a car crash, it is unlikely they can compensate you for the full extent of your medical bills and pain and suffering.  Uninsured motorist coverage (“UM”) is insurance coverage that you purchase to protect you and your family in this exact event.  If a driver without any insurance coverage injures you or your family, your uninsured motorist policy will cover your damages arising from that crash.

2. Do I Have Underinsured Motorist Coverage? Similar to UM coverage, underinsured motorist coverage (“UIM”) is insurance you purchase to protect yourself if an adverse driver does not carry sufficient insurance to cover your personal injury damages.  Many drivers maintain the minimum $15,000.00 policy in Arizona.  However, one trip to the emergency room after a car crash will gobble that policy up.  You need UIM coverage to make sure you receive reasonable and necessary medical treatment to rehabilitate from your injuries.

3. Do I Have Medical Payments Coverage?  Medical payments coverage, or “MedPay” is also purchased through your own insurance carrier and kicks in to cover only medical payments arising after a car crash.

4. What Activities Are Excluded Under My Policy? It is important to understand the parameters of your auto insurance policy.  For example, some insurance policies do not provide coverage for injuries that occur while you operate a motorcycle or ATV.  Some insurance policies exclude coverage involving persons under 18 years old.  Always make sure that everyone in your family is protected under your auto insurance policy, and that it extends to your favorite hobbies.

Torgenson Law attorneys are well-versed in the insurance language and offer a complimentary review of your vehicle insurance information.  Simply call our offices and ask for a review of your insurance policy.  One of our Phoenix personal injury attorneys will conduct a free review of your insurance policy and explain its parameters and the coverage available to you.

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